Top 10 similar words or synonyms for nasaug

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belshazu    0.615957

ratash    0.599594

draegloth    0.596030

palacus    0.593715

dizae    0.592390

vhok    0.584627

yartots    0.582492

lostris    0.582014

pareia    0.581426

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for nasaug

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Article Example
Captain's Fury Tavi has a meeting with the Canim leader, Nasaug, where he tells Nasaug that he knows that the Canim are trying to build ships to get them back to their homeland. He strikes a deal with Nasaug that he would help them but Nasaug says the only way that a deal can be struck is if Tavi returns Ambassador Varg to them. Arnos spies on this meeting and through the plotting of Arnos, Invidia and Marcus/Fidelias Tavi is removed from his command as Captain for conspiring with the enemy. Prior to leaving Tavi places Crassus in charge of the Alerian forces.