Top 10 similar words or synonyms for nasal_plosive

stop_voiceless_voiced    0.953643

voiceless_voiced    0.952948

plosive_affricate    0.949567

fricative_voiceless_voiced    0.949105

velar_uvular    0.947058

plosive_voiceless    0.946027

post_alveolar_palatal    0.944093

voiced_affricate    0.943693

stop_affricate_fricative    0.942418

glottal_plosive    0.941706

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for nasal_plosive

Article Example
Karkar language Stress assignment is complex, but not phonemic within morphemes. Syllable structure is CVC, assuming nasalplosive sequences are analyzed as prenasalized consonants. Any
Gorontalo language Consonant sequences include NC (homorganic nasalplosive), where C may be . Elsewhere, are relatively rare and only occur before high vowels. , written in the literature, is a laminal post-alveoral coronal stop that is indeterminate as to voicing. The phonemic status of is unclear; if is interpreted as vowel sequences , then this contrasts with long vowels (where the two V's are the same) and vowel sequences separated by linking glides (where the two V's are different).