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Ben Naparstek A collection of his magazine profiles was published by Scribe in 2009 as In Conversation and translated into Portuguese and Chinese.
Aaron Naparstek Prior to his involvement in New York City transportation policy and local politics, Naparstek worked for six years as an independent interactive media producer, designing and developing original content, e-commerce and live webcast products for major corporations, start-ups, non-profits and Internet-oriented venture capital firms. In 1999 he collaborated with his mother, Belleruth Naparstek, the noted psychotherapist, author and producer of the Health Journeys line of guided imagery audio programs, to produce a web-based complementary healthcare service called DesktopSpa.
Ben Naparstek Ben Naparstek (born 1986) is head of Editorial, Online & Emerging Platforms at the Australian Special Broadcasting Service.
Aaron Naparstek Aaron Naparstek is the founder of Streetsblog, a web site providing daily coverage of transportation, land use and environmental issues in New York City. Since its founding in June 2006, Streetsblog has emerged as an influential forum for New York City's Livable Streets Movement, dedicated to reclaiming cities' public spaces from the automobile and improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users. Streetsblog is published by the OpenPlans.
Arthur Naparstek Naparstek's impact on his community, his country and the State of Israel was summed up in a eulogy delivered by his friend and colleague, James O. Gibson of the Rockefeller Foundation:
Arthur Naparstek To say that Art was a social worker would be to grossly oversimplify who he has and what he did. That would also be true of thinking of him solely as an urban policy scholar; or as a politically astute university professor; an entrepreneurial academic administrator; a nationally renowned antipoverty warrior; a shrewd Washington DC real estate speculator; a canny foundation executive; a highly effective rainmaker for the Urban Institute; one of the most astoundingly talented networkers who ever strode the earth — and that’s before you mention champion of Israeli community-building, super Dad, doting husband, and friend extraordinaire.
Ben Naparstek In 2014 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study new funding models for public service journalism.
Aaron Naparstek From 1996 to 1997 Naparstek worked as content programming manager for Firefly, the start-up founded by students from MIT's Media Lab that pioneered web-based collaborative filtering technology. After Firefly, Naparstek spent a year working at the Microsoft Corporation helping to create the urban online guide, From 1994 to 1996 Naparstek worked as online editor at Spin Magazine where he created SPINonline, an award-winning online music and pop culture forum for teens on AOL.
Aaron Naparstek He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two sons where he is a co-founder of the Park Slope Neighbors community group and the Grand Army Plaza Coalition.
Arthur Naparstek The Arthur J. Naparstek papers, 1962-2004, can be found at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio. The collection is of value to researchers studying ethnicity and class in American neighborhoods, urban policy, urban renewal, philanthropy, higher education administration, community service, and the Cleveland, Ohio, Jewish community, especially its involvement in the development of Israel. Materials in the collection focus on both the federal commitment to national urban renewal and, specifically, urban renewal in Cleveland, Ohio. Those investigating the relationship between Jewish communal organizations' attempts to support and aid Israel in ameliorating problems in economically depressed Israeli areas will find this collection useful. The collection also documents attempts by Jewish communal organizations to support absorbing and integrating disparate immigrant groups, like Jewish Ethiopians, into Israeli society. Of particular note in the collection are the assessments and evaluations of the Hope VI local programs in urban regeneration and reports and evaluations concerning the challenges faced by Mayor Gary Hatcher of the city of Gary, Indiana.