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Nantlle Nantlle is a small village in the slate quarrying Nantlle Valley in Gwynedd, Wales. It lies on the north shore of Llyn Nantlle Uchaf and is part of the community of Llanllyfni.
Nantlle Valley Another dispute much celebrated in the area took place a generation later centred on the largest quarry in the valley. Dorothea Quarry was bought in 1835 by an Englishman called Muskett. He spent heavily on new equipment to raise the wagons from the quarry bottom. But he overspent, and was declared bankrupt a few years later. The quarry was closed with three months wages owing to most of the workers. They consequently revolted and demolished the new house Muskett had built for himself - Plas y Cilgwyn. A ballad was written about the occasion by a local poet called Richard Owen who did not support the action taken by the men.
Nantlle Valley Although the valley has plenty of natural resources - hiking, fishing, industrial heritage, the Glynllifon grounds and a long sandy and safe bathing beach at Dinas Dinlle - the infrastructure to support and develop tourism is not as well developed as other areas. The report makes recommendations for future development in the area.
Nantlle Valley Some of the already developed attractions are the Glynllifon Estate grounds and the aircraftt museum and airport at Dinas Dinlle. An 'unofficial' but hugely popular attraction is the old disused Dorothea Quarry - the old quarry has flooded now and attracts large numbers of divers to it. When the quarry flooded the 'galleries' and all the tackle and machinery that were on them were still present which makes diving there particularly dangerous. The unregulated nature and depth of the site has encouraged some divers to overestimate their capabilities – in the decade 1994-2004 21 divers lost their lives in the quarry. It has also been the site of unofficial 'raves' in the past.
Nantlle Valley The most prominent being Nantlle Vale FC which was established in the early part of the 20th century and is still playing, based at Pen-y-Groes.
Nantlle Railway The Nantlle Railway (sometimes referred to as the Nantlle Tramway) was a Welsh narrow gauge railway built to carry slate from several slate quarries in the Nantlle Valley to the harbour at Caernarfon for export by sea. The line received its Act of Parliament in 1825 and was constructed by Robert Stephenson, son of George Stephenson. It opened in 1828 and was operated using horse power. Although built primarily for the transport of slate, the line provided a passenger service between Caernarfon and Talysarn from 1856 to 1865.
Nantlle Railway In 1870 the LNWR (who had taken over both the narrow and standard gauge routes) extended the standard gauge line northwards past the edge of the harbour estate to , thereby linking to Bangor and the rest of the UK. Shortly afterwards a branch was opened extending initially to St Helens Road, just into the harbour estate. This moved the northern transshipment process nearer the water's edge, but it continued all the same. Within a couple of years the standard gauge tracks were extended to the quayside, obliterating the narrow gauge infrastructure north of the Afon Seiont and permanently removing the need for transshipment in the town.
Nantlle Railway Most of the route has been overlaid with later track or obliterated by later developments, but in 2016 the remains of three significant Nantlle Railway structures could still be found:
Nantlle Valley Between 85-90% of the population of the Nantlle Valley speak Welsh as their first language. Some of the communities came into being as a result of slate quarrying in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries and some have a history stretching back to antiquity. There are Iron Age forts at Caer Engan in Pen-y-Groes and on the coast at Dinas Dinlle and evidence of Bronze Age settlement on the higher ground. The valley was important during the Middle Ages - with an ecclesiastical college developed at Clynnog Fawr. The Glynllifon estate can trace its foundation historically to the 8th century and there is evidence of occupation on the site going back to the Iron Age.
Nantlle Valley In 1991 "Antur Nantlle Cyf" was established as a community enterprise to work for the benefit of the Nantlle Valley and its surrounding area.