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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for nakshathram

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Azhakodi Devi Temple During the Malayalam month of "Medom", Kodiyettem is celebrated on the "Uthrattadi Nakshathram". Pallivetta is celebrated on the "Thiruvathira Nakshathram", and "Arrattu" is conducted on the "Punartham Nakshathram"."Bhagavatha Saptaham" is also conducted every year. The other festivals are "Navarathri Mahotsavam" and "Vijayadasami Pooja".
Manalikkara The yearly temple festival called Utsavam is conducted here on Malayalam month (Malayalam calendar) Medam on Rohini Nakshathram(star)day represents the birthday of lord Krishna.On Rohini Nakshathram day the "Kodikayataam" (flag hoisting) is carried out in the morning represents the begin of Utsavam which would be followed by another nine days of functions.
Mavelikkara "Chettikulangara Kettukazhcha", conducted every year on the Bharani Nakshathram in the Malayalam month Kumbham, is a cultural spectacle in [[Kerala]] similar to the [[Thrissur Pooram]].
Sri Dharmasastha Kshethram Choozhal It is open during the Mandalakalam, Makaravilakku Pooja, all saturdays, every Uthram nakshathram day (Pakkanal of Ayyapan), Ayilyam and the other important dates as per the Hindu Calendar.
Kadakkal Devi Temple The very important days of Kadakkal Devi Temple is Thiruvathira Nakshathram (star) of the Malayalam month Kumbha. This day celebrating as the holy birth day of the mother goddess "Kadakkalamma". The important events are listed below:
Valiyakulangara Devi Temple Valiyakulangara Kettukazhcha, conducted every year on the Aswathyi Nakshathram of Malayalam month 'Kumbham - It is probably the most amazing cultural visual spectacle in Central Kerala, similar to the Thrissur Pooram.The great chariot festival that exposes Haripad’s true heritage
Chennimalai Other important festivals are Chitra Pournami, Kanda sashti, Agni Nakshathram, Panguni Thaer, Chennimalai Mariamman festival, Ekkattampalayam Mariamman festival, and Murungathozhuvu Mariamman festival. During the second day of Pongal 'Poo Parikkum Thiruvizha' is celebrated as a part of Pongal celebrations and can see people going to the hills for plucking holy flowers, having food in the hills sharing with friends and relatives and performing 'Kummi' songs and dance which is unique to Kongu tradition and culture.
Ennakkad Ennakkadu Devi temple is very famous. The official name of Ennakkad Devi temple is Naluvila Devi Temple. This temple is a family trust now and is owned/managed by the elder members of Kaduvinal Family.This temple was built by Kaduvinal family members in their own land for their religious purpose. Kaduvinal and Srattile families are very oldest family branches in Ennakkad. Kaduvinal and Srattile family members are relatives to each other. Both of these families were involved in various decision makings of the Temple Festivals.The temple festival is on "Bharani" Nakshathram in the Malayalam month of Meenam.
Valiyakulangara Valiyakulangara is a village situated south of Oachira. This village was part of Puthuppally Muri up to 1890 AD. After the 'Kandezhuth' this place was included in the Karunagappally taluk. Valiyakulangara is famous for a 'Devi temple' believed to be erected during the early centuries of Kollavarsham.Up to the beginning of Kollavarsham 1050 ( 1875. A.D.) only one annual festival was celebrated in the temple, called 'Meena Bharani' (celebrated on Aswathy Nakshathram of malayalam month Meenam.). Later the 'Karakkaar' decided to celebrate Kumbha Bharani also on the Kaarthika Nakshathram of Kumbham. Now Kumbha Bharani was celebrated under the leadership of Thekke karakkaar and Meena Bharani was celebrated under the leadership of Vadakke karakkaar. Up to the beginning of 1900 AD the Meena Bharani was celebrated very colourfully by parading tall 'Eduppu Kuthiras' having 40 to 50 feet height in front of the temple. On the festival day 'Garudan thookkam' had been performed on a special type vehicle constructed for the purpose by persons entrusted to perform the same.The first thookkam was performed on behalf of Thottathil Nampoothiri called 'Oorayma thookkam' as the Ooraalan. There after a number of thookkams would be performing for other families of 'Kara'. But later construction of Eduppu kuthiras and Garudan Thookkam were abandoned for unknown reasons.
Hanuman Jayanti The devotees visit temples and apply "tilaka" of "sindoor" to their foreheads from Hanuman's idol as Hanuman himself was of that color. A few thousand years before Ramayan time (in the latter part of Tretayuga – 2 million years ago), several divine souls came to Earth and modified the bodies of ape like creatures through evolutionary methods (genetic mutation) so that the animals could play the role of vehicles for these divine souls. That's how the Vanara race with reddish orange color (hues of deep orange and light red) was established before the Ramayan. In South India, especially Tamil Nadu Hanumaan jayanthi is celebrated on the Margazhi month of Moola nakshathram. It is said that Hanumaan was born on the moola nakshathra in Marghazi month.