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Mzee Chillo Due to the popularity in the society, companies have featured Ahmed in numerous television and radio commercials. He has also featured in a couple of government and Non-governmental organisations in documentaries and campaigns.
Mzee Chillo When he came back from Saudi Arabia, he became a high school teacher and taught in a couple of schools in Moshi, Tanzania, Tanzania. The schools include Weru Weru girl's high school, Kibosho girls high school, Old moshi secondary school and Majengo secondary school.
Mzee Chillo Although Ahmed has been acting since elementary school and did a couple of theatre performances, he had his first film feature in 2003 titled Sumu ya Mapenzi then later on in the same year did Tanzia both done in Swahili. Since then, he has been featured in hundreds of films and has exceptionally done well and earned himself a great name and respect in the East and Central Africa region.
Hussein Mzee Hussein Mussa Mzee (born 1 March 1964) is a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Jangombe constituency since 2010.
Mzee Chillo Olotu attended his elementary school at Majengo Primary school in Kilimanjaro, Moshi, Tanzania from early 1957 to late 1964. He then joined Azania High school in Dar es Salaam to pursue his secondary education from 1966 to 1969. In 1970 he attended an administrative course at the Civil service centre in Dar es Salaam. After completing this course, he started working for the ministry of agriculture as a junior administrator in mid 1971. He also worked at Bora Shoes Company for a couple of years. He later travelled to Saudi Arabia to acquire Islamic knowledge at the Islamic university.
Mzee Chillo Olotu is married with one child named Fatuma Ahmed Olotu. He currently lives with his family in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Mzee Chillo He has been featured in movies with big African acts. This include Mercy Johnson, Emmanuel France and Nkiru Sylvanus in Cross my sin movie and The director
Mzee Kaukungwa Kaukungua was born in Ohalushu village in the Ohangwena Region. He was the son of Reverend Nghishidumbi Nghoshi Sam Noah Kaukungwa ka-Shangheta and Hifikepunye Rebecca (Mee Nangolo). He was the third child in a family of 12 children. His siblings are Monica Ningaeendunge, Polly Nghoshi, the late Chief Setson Kamati, Naemi Kauna, Steven Shapua, Meriam Silvia Aishe-Oiwa and Helvi Ndapewoshali Nanghelo. He attended primary school at Ohalushu Finnish Missionary School between 1923 and 1938 and later continued his studies at Ongwediva Training College in 1939.
Mzee Kaukungwa Mzee Kaukungwa died at Ongwediva MediClinic at the age of 94.
Mzee Chillo Ahmed Olotu (born 9 December 1950) popularly known as Mzee Chillo is a Tanzanian veteran actor. He has starred in over 100 movies in his film career. He has been featured in both regional and international films making him among the greatest Tanzanian actors of all time. He has starred in movies with big names on the African film industry including Steven Kanumba, African stars Nkiru Sylvanus, Emmanuel France and Mercy Johnson.