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fungurume    0.718511

kolwezi    0.704569

cominak    0.682603

shinkolobwe    0.662356

antamina    0.652387

ruashi    0.651959

tolgoi    0.644267

tilwezembe    0.637833

mukondo    0.635671

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Musonoi Mine Another cut was begun in the 1950s and a third in the 1970s. The three were eventually combined and connected with the Kamoto mines.
Musonoi Mine By the 1930s, the operation at Musonoi was highly mechanized, while world demand for copper was dropping. Workers used sabotage and arson as well as flight as bargaining tools for better conditions.
Musonoi Mine Musonoi Principal, the oldest open cut, was opened in the 1940s. By 1953 the open pit mine was the largest copper and cobalt producer in the country.
Musonoi Mine The Musonoi mine is a set of open-cut pits near Kolwezi from which copper and other metals have been extracted since the 1940s. The mining complex is located in the Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Musonoi Mine Two ore bodies about thick are known, containing copper, cobalt, manganese and uranium. The mine has a rare assemblage of uranyl selenite minerals, and has palladium minerals.
Musonoi Mine Commercial mining at Musonoi began in the 1920s, with laborers being forcibly recruited. The Union Miniere constantly struggled to prevent recruits fleeing from the site, sometimes taking refuge in Angola. Workers were mistreated and suffered badly from disease brought on by the working conditions. The lowest death rate at the Panda, Lubumbashi, Kisanga and Musonoi work sites in 1928 was four men per month.
Musonoi Mine Kolwezi is about northwest from Lubumbashi, the provincial capital.
Musonoi Mine The Kolwezi ore district lies near the northwest limit of the Katanga Copperbelt. It holds over half of the copper and cobalt in the copperbelt. The Musonoi mine is located in a dolomitic inferior formation of the Roan Group, Katanga Supergroup, from the Precambrian IV age. It is deeply affected by folds and thrust nappes.
Musonoi Mine In September 2010 the Kolwezi tailings project was the subject of a complaint to the UK regulator by Canadian company First Quantum Minerals. First Quantum's project had been seized by the DRC government. The company alleged that ENRC, which had acquired a large share in the project, had misled investors over the acquisition.
Musonoi Mine The Dikuluwe mine near Musonoi has been exploited since prehistoric times. Monseigneur de Hemptinne watched Yeke people working this mine as late as 1924. They would work in the dry season, stopping when the first rains arrived. The mining camp was near a stream where millet could be planted. Women and children collected malachite from the surface, while men used iron picks to excavate pits and shafts, using fire to crack the rocks when needed. The mines were between and deep with galleries up to long. The ore would be sorted and then taken to a nearby stream for concentration before being smelted.