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analytik    0.641790

heraecus    0.634659

carbonmide    0.622501

optotechnik    0.621287

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optronics    0.613450

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for multiflash

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Harold Eugene Edgerton In 1937 Edgerton began a lifelong association with photographer Gjon Mili, who used stroboscopic equipment, in particular, multiple studio electronic flash units, to produce strikingly beautiful photographs, many of which appeared in Life Magazine. When taking multiflash photographs this strobe light equipment could flash up to 120 times a second. Edgerton was a pioneer in using short duration electronic flash in photographing fast events photography, subsequently using the technique to capture images of balloons at different stages of their bursting, a bullet during its impact with an apple, or using multiflash to track the motion of a devil stick, for example. He was awarded a bronze medal by the Royal Photographic Society in 1934, the Howard N. Potts Medal from the Franklin Institute in 1941, the David Richardson Medal by the Optical Society of America in 1968, the Albert A. Michelson Medal from the same Franklin Institute in 1969, and the National Medal of Science in 1973.
Dieter Jung (artist) Between 1985 and 1989 Jung worked as Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies/MIT in Boston (directed by Otto Piene) in connection with the Spatial Imaging Group (directed by Stephen Benton) at the Media Lab/MIT on the cycle of holographic LightMills, which was inspired by Harold Edgerton´s Multiflash photography and relating to ZERO´s early work "Silberne Lichtmühle" (Silver Light-Mill). Guest lectures followed at Harvard University and at Sorbonne University, Paris.
KBC Advanced Technologies KBC Advanced Technologies has developed many software applications for simulation and optimisation. Petro-SIM is the flagship software for simulation of hydrocarbon processes, and is applicable throughout the value chain from upstream/midstream to downstream and petrochemicals. The SIM Reactor Suite provides simulation models ffor all units in the refinery. Over the years, the company has also obtained many software products through acquisitions of other strong companies in the industry. These include: Energy Optimisation tools such as SuperTarget and ProSteam from Linnhoff-March., PVT Modelling tools such as Multiflash and FloWax from Infochem Computer Services Limited, and most recently, Flow Assurance Modelling tools such as Maximus from FEESA Ltd. After being acquired by Yokogawa in 2016, KBC now offers Operator Training Simulation and Advanced Process Control to its offerings.