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Mshasho Productions Kwaito group Fresh Family was briefly signed to the label. The group was dropped from the label in March 2012 after breaching their contract.
Mshasho Productions The Dogg and Gazza developed quick success after releasing their first albums, which helped them into establish their own record label, Mshasho Productions and Gazza Music Productions (GMP) respectively. They led and dominated the commercial music scene between 2004 and 2005. GMP signed new and upcoming Sunny Boy, who served on the label for less than two months before signing with Mshasho. Tensions between the two labels were heightened when Sunny Boy switched labels from GMP to Mshasho. More fuel was added to the fire when some music fans began taking sides between The Dogg and Gazza, Mshasho and GMP. Also after a while OmPuff who was affiliated with GMP, joined Mshasho.
Mshasho Clothing Mshasho Clothing is a Namibian clothing brand founded by Martin "The Dogg" Morrocky. The company is 100% owned by Mshasho closed corporation operating as a its subsidiary. The name Mshasho is derived from its original name Omushasho which is the Oshiwambo name for a shotgun.
Mshasho Clothing The company designs, outsource manufacture and supply a wide range of clothing, shoes and jewellery in Namibian. It lays claim to the most successful clothing label designed and manufactured locally.
Mshasho Productions OmPuff and Tre Van Die Kasie are both working on their sophomore studio albums to be released in 2012 respectively.
Mshasho Clothing The line includes clothing and accessories inspired by The Dogg himself and street life. Mshasho Clothing produces cloths and accessories for men, women and children. The female line includes tops, hot pants, and bikinis. In 2006 Mshasho Clothing expanded its line to include accessories such as bracelets, nametags, headwear, jewelry, handbags and belts. Mshasho Clothing was interested in launching a range of sunglasses. In 2008, the line launched Mshasho throwback jerseys.
Mshasho Clothing Mshasho Clothing launched Flipflops, men's jeans and school bags in 2010.
Mshasho Productions The Dogg's album "Take Out Yo Gun" was the label's first and only release in 2004. It dominated charts in 2005, with hits such as "The Dogg Is Back", "My life" and "Ngenge Ndasi". In early 2005, the label signed Sunny Boy, soon after departing from GMP Records. The label quickly released Sunny Boy's first single "Balance" which became another hit from the label. Sunny Boy enjoyed more success and became very popular. Soon after Sunny Boy was signed, former Mshasho manager Isack Nyambali signed TeQuila and Karlos Lokos to the label. He also brought Richie Rich, Chipolopolo and Kamasutra close to the label. In mid-2005, Mshasho added other new artist to its roster including Tre Van Die Kasie, Nasti, and surprisingly OmPuff (who was previously signed to GMP). Mshasho released Sunny's second single "serious" followed by his debut album "Young, Black en Gifted" in December 2005, around the same time The Dogg also released a new single "Baby Don't Go". The album was very successful and was one of the best selling albums of 2005; it introduced a new subgenre of kwaito which Sunny describe as Hikwa, a style of music that combines hip hop and kwaito.
Mshasho Productions Mshasho Productions, also referred to as Mshasho Music Productions and Mshasho Records, is a Namibian Independent record label founded by Namibian musician and producer, Martin "The Dogg" Morocky in 2003. The company is a subsidiary of The Dogg's company Mshasho closed cooperation. The name Mshasho is derived from its original name Omushasho which is the Oshiwambo name for a shotgun. The label has shaped careers for artists such as Sunny Boy, OmPuff, Tre Van Die Kasie, TeQuila, Karlos Lokos, Chipolopolo, Richie and Kamasutra. The label has so far released ten albums, making it one of the leading record labels in the country.
Mshasho Productions When Dogg was asked in an interview by about his reaction to Sunny Boy leaving Mshasho, this is what he had to say; ""Personally and professionally I am very happy for Sunny Boy leaving Mshasho to create his own label or production. It shows how much he has grown as an artist and we are still very close. I just don't want anybody to come between us as we are still very good friends and will remain that way.""