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bushings    0.614819

bushing    0.611718

screw_thread    0.605332

caliper    0.603271

helical_screw    0.596861

pintle    0.590832

locknut    0.583909

calliper    0.582813

sheave    0.580241

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Leica R bayonet For this purpose, the cams need to be removed, which is not always possible (e.g. early Elmarit-R f/2.8 35mm). The mounting flange may then need to be machined to allow free movement of the remaining cam.
Valve actuator Dimensions and design of valve mounting flange and valve attachments are stipulated in the standards EN ISO 5210 for multi-turn actuators or EN ISO 5211 for part-turn actuators. The design of valve attachments for linear actuators is generally based on DIN 3358.
Porsche 911 GT3 Because the 911 air-cooled crankcase uses the Porsche 356 engine to transmission mounting flange configuration, the 996 GT3 used a manual gearbox also of air-cooled 911 heritage. This gearbox has interchangeable gear ratios and is more durable making it more suitable for racing than the standard 911 type 996 gearbox.
BL R-Series engine The engine was essentially a lightly modified version of the E-series unit found in the Maxi and Allegro. The main differences over the older engine are to the sump and gearbox mounting flange, which were adapted to accept a traditional "end-on" transmission unit which had been bought from Volkswagen in place of the traditional BMC transmission-in-sump arrangement.
AP automatic transmission - The transmission is not interchangeable with a conventional BMC sump mounted manual gearbox. Because of an extended flywheel mounting flange on the crankshaft, the AP automatic requires to be fitted to its own unique version of the A-series engine. This causes issues for Mini owners wanting to convert to a manual gearbox, since the entire engine has to be changed also.
Volvo 300 Series The Renault-sourced 1.7 litre engine suffers from a well-known problem where the carburetor mounting flange warps due to engine heat, causing a small air leak and subsequent running problems. This is easy to fix, requiring minor machining of the mating faces.
Linn Sondek LP12 The bearing housing height has been increased to improve lubrication; its mounting flange thickness has been substantially increased; the geometry of the top and bottom liners in the bearing housing has been altered to further reduce incidence of rocking. Thickness of the sub-chassis was doubled to improve rigidity, reduce flexing and improve control of the relationship between turntable platter and arm. With the new bearing comes a new sub-platter.
Closet flange In plumbing, a closet flange (also known as a toilet flange) is a pipe fitting (specifically, a type of flange) that both mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe. The name comes from the term "water closet", the traditional name for a toilet. A typical closet flange is composed of an ABS or PVC hub with a round steel mounting flange attached to the top. Other styles are made from copper, brass, stainless steel, or pure plastic.
History of photographic lens design Kodak began using mass-produced plastic aspheres in viewfinder optics in 1957, and the Kodak Ektramax (USA) Pocket Instamatic 110 cartridge film camera had a built-in Kodak Ektar 25mm f/1.9 lens (also a four element Triplet) with a molded plastic aspheric element in 1978 for US$87.50 list. Plastic is easy to mold into complex shapes that can include an integral mounting flange. However, glass is superior to plastic for lens making in many respects – its refractive index, temperature stability, mechanical strength and variety is higher.
AMC and Jeep transmissions Transmissions used in later AMC vehicles came with either a 21-spline or a 23-spline output shaft. Transmissions coupled to four-cylinder engines typically used 21-spline output shafts. The 23-spline manual transmission was universal in the Eagle lines and was generally used with six-cylinder applications. All transfer cases were available with inputs matching either 21- or 23-spline shafts, making transmission swaps possible among various models and years. However, the depth of transfercase input and length of trans output (measured from the mounting flange) changed, and there is 15/16" difference between early and late models.