Top 10 similar words or synonyms for mothered

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mothered

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Article Example
Maria Vittoria De Fornari Strata Fornari married Angelo Strata on 21 March 1579 and mothered six children who were:
Guity Novin After her graduation, Guity married Farid Novin, an economist, and she mothered three sons Saladin, Alamir, and Alishah.
Li Xian (prince) None of the sons was born by Princess Fang. Whether Princess Fang mothered Lady Changxin was also unknown.
Eurycyda With Poseidon, she mothered Eleius, after whom the region of Elis was named, as was its people, the Eleans.
Sigyn (Marvel Comics) In their marriage, Sigyn mothered two sons with Loki, Narvi and Váli, although both of them died young.
George XI of Kartli George XI was married twice. He married first Tamar, daughter of Prince David Davitishvili in 1676. She died on 4 December 1683, having mothered two children:
Vassals princes of Ming dynasty Due to some sons of commandery princes were mothered by their abuse concubine or they have offended, they have directly granted with bulwark general.
Theona In Greek mythology, Theona was a daughter of Dymas, a sister of Hecuba and wife of Amycus. With him, she mothered Mimas.
Baby mama "All My Babies' Mamas" was an unaired reality show starring rapper Shawty Lo, showcasing his lifestyle as the father of 11 children, mothered by 10 different women.
Orphne In Greek mythology, Orphne (, from , "darkness"), also known as Styx (Στύξ) or Gorgyra (, from , "underground drain"), was a nymph that lived in Hades. With Acheron, she mothered Ascalaphus.