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Monterotondo Monterotondo is a town and "comune" in the Metropolitan City of Rome, central Italy.
Monterotondo According to some historians, Monterotondo is the heir of ancient Sabine town of Eretum, although the modern settlement appeared in the 10th-11th centuries in a different location. The name derives from the medieval corruption (then "Mons Teres", then "Monte Ritondo") of the original "Mons Eretum".
Monterotondo In 1634 the Barberini acquired the town, restoring or enlarging several edifices, and building the Cathedral (1639). On 28 April 1864 the Rome and Monterotondo Rail Road was opened for service.
Monterotondo In 1943, after the Italian armistice with the Allies, 800 German paratroopers tried unsuccessfully to reconquer it.
Monterotondo In the Middle Ages, due to its location across the Via Salaria, Monterotondo was a strategic point for the defense of Rome. Initially under the Capocci family, it was sold in the 12th century to the Orsini, who held it until the 18th century. In 1432 it was seized by the "condottiero" Niccolò Fortebraccio, and in 1485 it was set on fire by the Orsini.
Monterotondo Marittimo Monterotondo Marittimo is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Grosseto in the Italian region Tuscany, located about southwest of Florence and about northwest of Grosseto, near the Colline Metallifere.
Lago Boracifero, Monterotondo Marittimo Lago Boracifero is a village in Tuscany, central Italy, administratively a frazione of the comune of Monterotondo Marittimo, province of Grosseto, in the area of Colline Metallifere. At the time of the 2001 census, its population was 51.
Lago Boracifero, Monterotondo Marittimo Lago Boracifero is about 72 km from Grosseto and 7 km from Monterotondo Marittimo, and it lies on the lake of the same name, known for its geysers.
History of A.S.D. Città di Marino Calcio In the summer of 2013, after its relegation, the side transferred the seat and its sports title of Eccellenza to Atletico Monterotondo located in the city of Monterotondo, becoming A.S.D. Monterotondo Calcio. Marino has since effectively disappeared.
Pol. Maccarese Giada The club was founded in 1935 as Polisportiva Monterotondo Calcio. In summer 2011, the club changed its name to Monterotondo Lupa.