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Mittelberg The municipality of Mittelberg is congruent with the Kleinwalsertal, a valley that is only accessible by road from Germany. Although it is not an exclave in strict sense (it is contiguous with the rest of Austria), its geographic position created a special situation. For instance, it has both Austrian and German postal codes. Since 1891 Kleinwalsertal enjoyed a customs union with Germany, a free border, and used the Deutsche Mark. Since Austria joined the European Union in 1995, the signing of the Schengen Agreement (1997) and the introduction of the Euro (2002), this special status no longer applies.
Mittelberg Mittelberg is a municipality in the district of Bregenz in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg.
Oy-Mittelberg Oy-Mittelberg is situated in the Allgäu region in the foothills of the Allgäu Alps. The municipality consists of the villages of Burgkranzegg, Faistenoy, Haslach, Kressen, Maria-Rain, Mittelberg, Oberschwarzenberg, Oberzollhaus, Oy, Petersthal and Riedis. In addition to that there are several small hamlets.
Großer Mittelberg Großer Mittelberg may refer to the following hills and mountains in Germany:
Oy-Mittelberg Oy-Mittelberg is a municipality in the rural district Oberallgäu in Bavaria/Germany.
Mittelberg (Rhön) Mittelberg (Rhön) is a mountain of Bavaria, Germany.
Mittelberg (disambiguation) Mittelberg is a municipality in the district of Bregenz, Vorarlberg, Austria.
Großer Mittelberg (Lonau) The Großer Mittelberg (the short form "Mittelberg" is also common) is a ridge in the Harz Mountains of Germany that begins immediately northeast of Lonau in the county of Osterode in Lower Saxony. It separates the valley of "Kirchtal", through which the Große Lonau flows, from the "Mariental" and the Kleine Lonau. is Although it is the nearest subpeak to the village of Lonau, the Großer Mittelberg is, at 531 metres, not the highest point, but may be viewed as a main summit due to its prominent location. From here on, the ridge only climbs gently in a northeasterly direction and has several more subpeaks with small wind gaps. To the north the Großer Mittelberg transitions to the ridge of Auf dem Acker without any noticeable wind gap.
Mittelberg (Thuringian Highland) The Mittelberg is an 803.6 m high (above sea level) mountain located in the Thuringian Highland, Thuringia (Germany).
Mittelberg (Thuringian Highland) It is located close to the municipalities of Piesau and Lichte and the Leibis-Lichte Dam in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district in the Thuringian Forest Nature Park.