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Miloš Minić Miloš Minić (Милош Минић) (28 August 1914, Preljina, Čačak, Kingdom of Serbia – 5 September 2003, Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro) was a Serbian communist politician.
Miloš Minić Minić graduated from secondary school in Čačak, then from the University of Belgrade's Law School. From 1935 he was a member of the then-illegal Young Communist League of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), as well as the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (KPJ), holding senior positions in both organizations. During the Partisans war against Germany and Italy, Minić held both party and military posts from 1941.
Miloš Minić After the liberation of Serbia from Nazi occupation, he was the head of Department for the Protection of the People's Belgrade branch, then public prosecutor of Serbia and representative of the military prosecutor of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). He then held several posts in the Yugoslavian and Serbian government. He was the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Yugoslavia from December 16, 1972 to May 17, 1978, and during this time signed the Treaty of Osimo which determined the border between Italy and Yugoslavia.
Trial of Mihailović et al. The accused were tried before a military court. The President of the council was Mihailo Đordević and the members Milija Laković and Mihailo Janković, with Todor Popadić as secretary. The assistant judges were Nikola Stanković and Radomir Ilić. The prosecutor was Miloš Minić, a high-ranking government official who took part in Tito-Mihailović negotiations in 1941. The assistant prosecutor was Miloš Jovanović.
Uprising in Serbia (1941) Decision for preparing struggle in Serbia issued on June 23, 1941 at the meeting of the Provincial Committee for Serbia, which was attended by Aleksandar Ranković, Spasenija Babović, Đuro Strugar, Moma Marković, Ivo Lola Ribar, Blagoje Nešković, Vukica Mitrović, Mirko Tomić, Miloš Matijević, Ljubinka Milosavljević, Vasilije Buha and Milovan Đilas. At the meeting were determined party instructors for certain parts of Serbia. In light of upcoming struggle, communist had to hasten forming of armed groups and collecting weapons and medical supplies. After the meeting, instructors wnt into their designated areas. Moma Markovic by the end of June held meetings with district committees in Jagodina, Niš and Zaječar, Mirko Tomić was in charge for Kruševac, Vasilije Buha went to Niš, Milan Mijalković went in Užice and Čačak, Miodrag Ivković in Šabac. Petar Stambolić operated in Pomoravlje area and Miloš Minić in Valjevo area. Several local detachments were formed numbering dozens of partisans. Significant amounts of weapons and ammunition were collected.