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Millgrove, Victoria Millgrove is located along the Warburton Highway, between Wesburn and Warburton.
Millgrove, Victoria A free community lunch (Good Tucker Day) is held in the reserve opposite the saw mill each Tuesday and there is a residents group (Millgrove Residents Action Group MRAG) as well as an environment group, MERG. Millgrove has an active and dedicated fire brigade (CFA). The fire station is opposite the saw mill and is also a purpose built community fire refuge. Millgrove hosts a moving ANZAC Dawn service that attracts in excess of 500 people with breakfast provided by the Wesburn-Millgrove Fire Brigade.
Millgrove, Indiana Millgrove was laid out in 1867 when Blackford County’s first railroad came through the southern portion of the county. The community’s post office opened February 25, 1868, and continued until March 31, 1955. An 1882 gazetteer, which listed the community as "Mill Grove", called the town "a place of 50 inhabitants". The gazetteer also listed a physician, justice, and railroad agent. During the 1880s, Millgrove had three general stores, a blacksmith shop, a sawmill, and a tile factory. During the next decade, a glass factory was built.
Millgrove, Indiana Located in the Jackson Township portion of Blackford County, Millgrove is situated on a former railroad line. The community is located south of Fort Wayne and northeast of Indianapolis.
Millgrove, Indiana Millgrove is part of East Central Indiana and Northern Indiana. Future Northern Indiana, including what became Jackson Township and Millgrove, was flattened by two glaciers millions of years ago. These glaciers are also responsible for the rich Blackford County farmland, which includes the land surrounding Millgrove.
Millgrove, Victoria The Post Office opened on 7 November 1906, four years after the opening of the town's railway station on 13 November 1901 on the Warburton line.
Millgrove, Indiana Like several other communities in the county, Millgrove originally thrived as a stop on a railroad line. Millgrove also participated in the Indiana Gas Boom, and the Millgrove Natural Gas Company was one of Blackford County's many gas companies that existed during the 1890s. The Gas Boom gradually ended during the beginning of the 20th century, and many small communities never recovered. During the next few decades, the quality of automobiles and roads improved—indirectly contributing to the decline of many small communities as consumers drove to larger cities, and railroads declined in importance.
Millgrove, Indiana Millgrove’s glass factory was one of 15 glass factories that have existed in Blackford County, and most of these factories existed during the Indiana Gas Boom. (There were numerous "glass" and "gas" companies in the county at that time.) Eleven more glass factories have existed in nearby Dunkirk, Indiana. The Millgrove Glass Company was incorporated in 1898, and made glass containers. Originally, the company took advantage of the abundant supply of natural gas for a source of fuel. By 1905, the supply of natural gas in the region was diminishing, and the Millgrove Glass Company used gas made from coal in addition to natural gas. The factory closed in 1911, and this was thought to be “a severe blow to Millgrove”. A Blackford County directory from that time lists over 150 people living in Millgrove.
Millgrove, Indiana Millgrove has a typical Midwestern humid continental seasonal climate. There are four distinct seasons, with winters being cold with moderate snowfall, while summers can be warm and humid. The highest average temperature is in July at 84 °F (29 °C), while the lowest average temperature is in January at 15 °F (−9 °C). However, summer temperatures can top 90 °F (32 °C), and winter temperatures can drop below 0 °F (−17 °C). Average monthly precipitation ranges from about 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm), with the heaviest occurring during May, June, and July. The highest recorded temperature was 110.0 °F (43.3 °C) on July 14, 1936, and the lowest recorded temperature was −25.0 °F (−31.7 °C) on January 21, 1985.
Millgrove, Victoria Millgrove remained a timber-milling and agricultural town, with occasional tourism and fishing, until the 1960s and 1970s. Despite the closure of the railway in 1965, cars placed Millgrove within acceptable commuting distances of larger towns.