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neostichtis    0.916501

micrapatetis    0.911944

propyria    0.907733

heterospila    0.906333

eschatarchia    0.902534

haematomis    0.901224

eubolina    0.899271

enanthyperythra    0.898721

rhizagrotis    0.898333

euproutia    0.898144

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for micraeschus

Article Example
Micraeschus Palpi very slender and obliquely upturned, reaching vertex of head. Antennae with fasciculated cilia in male. Thorax and abdomen tuftless. Legs naked, with normal spurs. Fore wing with veins 7 to 10 stalked. Hind wings with stalked 3 and 4. Larva with two pairs of abdominal prolegs.
Micraeschus Micraeschus is a genus of moths of the Erebidae family.