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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mety

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Duety do Mety Duety do mety ("Duos to finish line") was the Polish version of "The Mad Dash". The show was broadcast from 1998 to 2000. It was hosted by actor Mirosław Siedler.
Duety do Mety The rules were roughly the same as the original version. Only the prizes were different in original show.
The Mad Dash "The Mad Dash" has also been produced internationally. The most successful new version was produced for Polish television ("Duety do Mety", literally translated to "Duos to finish line") in 2002.
Eugene Litvinkovich In May 2014 during the finals of the show "Ukraine's Got Talent 6" the head song of the album "Zses' i Seychas" ("Here and Now") was presented as well as the other song in Ukrainian "Diydu do mety" ("I will reach the goal"), written by another participant of the "X-factor" show Arkadiy Voytyuk".
Transsulfuration pathway This is in contrast to the direct sulfurylation pathways for the synthesis of cysteine or homocysteine via the replacement of the acetyl/succinyl group with free sulfide (via the "cysK" or "cysM" -encoded cysteine synthase and the "metZ" or "metY" -encoded homocysteine synthase, respectively).
Lyase A combination of both an elimination and a Michael addition is seen in O-succinylhomoserine (thiol)-lyase (MetY or MetZ) which catalyses first the γ-elimination of O-succinylhomoserine (with succinate as a leaving group) and then the addition of sulfide to the vinyl intermediate, this reaction was first classified as a lyase (EC, but was then reclassified as a transferase (EC
Mozambican Youth Organisation The OJM has been led by politician Mety Gondola since November 2015. Its objective is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic: to promote the patriotic education of young people, mobilizing them for the political and ideological objectives of the Frelimo Party. The organization exists to promote and defend the aspirations and interests of its members and youth in general, and to ensure their representation in national and international forums.
Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum In the bottom register, two new canopy ships (not the shrine boats in the forecourt discussed above) are rowed on a final "journey to the Beautiful Places in the Midst of the Honored Ones, the journey to the Field of Offerings" ("sqdwt r swt nfrwt m-m jmAxw, sqdwt r sxt Htp"), the leading craft decorated with a hedgehog's-head prow and known as the "Hnt." The pilots give each crew instructions on where to land, the one in the rear boat cautioning his oarsmen not to hit the hedgehog boat. This setting is a formula with variations also enumerated at Abusir and (minus hedgehog prow) in the Giza mastaba of Iymery, where the watercourse traveled is dubbed "the Canal of the West." In the Egyptian schema, these funeral boats were skippered by the deceased themselves, as they stand in front of the cabin or sit at the stern. The cabin or shrine, roofed with decorative reed matting, shelters the deceased's afterlife corporum, what we think of as a soul even though its structure was more elaborate, more rooted in physicality, than the modern Christian soul conceptions usually are. For us, the watery trip to the West completes a visual connection between soul and the statue or mummy actually carried as cargo in the shrine boats. Since the hedgehog and its companion sport canopies of a different design, we're not sure what was on their manifiests, although the deceased manage to find themselves standing or seated in authority on the decks here, just as in the shrine boats. Barta informs us that in the dual tomb of Fetekty and Mety, a third craft laden with beer trailed the hedgehog, perhaps indicating travel to a funerary meal near the burial site.