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MetaCyc It also provides enzyme mini-reviews and literature references. MetaCyc data on metabolites includes chemical structures,
MetaCyc The MetaCyc database contains extensive information on metabolic pathways and enzymes from many organisms. MetaCyc data cover all domains of life and have been curated from more than 41,000 publications
MetaCyc MetaCyc applications include use as a reference data set for computationally predicting the metabolic pathways of organisms from their sequenced genomes; it has been used to perform pathway predictions for thousands of organisms, including those in the BioCyc Database Collection. MetaCyc is also used in metabolic engineering and metabolomics research.
MetaCyc MetaCyc contains extensive data on individual enzymes, describing their subunit structure, cofactors, activators and inhibitors, substrate specificity, and, in some cases, kinetic constants. MetaCyc data on reactions includes predicted atom mappings that describe the correspondence between atoms in the reactant compounds and the product compounds.
MetaCyc predicted Gibbs free energies of formation, and links to external databases.
Metabolic network modelling Once proteins have been established, more information about the enzyme structure, reactions catalyzed, substrates and products, mechanisms, and more can be acquired from databases such as KEGG, MetaCyc and NC-IUBMB. Accurate metabolic reconstructions require additional information about the reversibility and preferred physiological direction of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction which can come from databases such as BRENDA or MetaCyc database.
BioCyc database collection AlgaGEM is a genome scale metabolic network model for a compartmentalized algae cell developed by Gomes de Oliveira Dal’Molin et al. based on Chlamydomonas reinhardtii genome. It has 866 unique ORFs, 1862 metabolites, 2499 gene-enzyme-reaction-association entries, and 1725 unique reactions. One of the Pathway databases used for reconstruction is MetaCyc.
Serum Metabolome Database The Serum Metabolome database is a freely web database about small molecule metabolites found in human serum and their concentration values. The database includes chemical data, clinical data and molecular/biochemistry data from literature and experiment. This database also references to many sophisticated databases, such like KEGG, PubChem, MetaCyc, ChEBI, PDB, Swiss-Prot, GenBank, and Human Metabolome Database (HMDB).
BioCyc database collection Tier 1: Databases which have received at least one year of literature based manual curation. Currently there are seven databases in Tier 1. Out of the seven, MetaCyc is a major database that contains almost 2500 metabolic pathways from many organisms. The other important Tier 1 database is HumanCyc which contains around 300 metabolic pathways found in humans. The remaining five databases include, EcoCyc ("E. coli"), AraCyc ("Arabidopsis thaliana"), YeastCyc ("Saccharomyces cerevisiae"), LeishCyc ("Leishmania major Friedlin") and TrypanoCyc ("Trypanosoma brucei").
Biochemical cascade Legend: Y – Yes, N – No; BIND – Biomolecular Interaction Network Database, DIP – Database of Interacting Proteins, GNPV – Genome Network Platform Viewer, HPRD = Human Protein Reference Database, MINT – Molecular Interaction database, MIPS – Munich Information center for Protein Sequences, UNIHI – Unified Human Interactome, OPHID – Online Predicted Human Interaction Database, EcoCyc – Encyclopaedia of E. Coli Genes and Metabolism, MetaCyc – aMetabolic Pathway database, KEGG – Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes, PANTHER – Protein Analysis Through Evolutionary Relationship database, STKE – Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment, PID – The Pathway Interaction Database, BioPP – Biological Pathway Publisher. A comprehensive list of resources can be found at