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muito    0.899562

outra    0.895191

deixa    0.891460

estou    0.886338

depois    0.881783

comigo    0.880279

dizer    0.879623

assim    0.876506

coisa    0.876453

qualquer    0.875838

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mesmo

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Article Example
Mais do Mesmo Mais do Mesmo is the second compilation album by Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana. It was released in 1998 after Renato Russo's death and the subsequent end of the band. All songs were extracted from all eight albums of the group, under Marcelo Bonfá's and Dado Villa-Lobos' choices.
Mais do Mesmo In the CD booklet, there is a text by journalist and Russo's friend Arthur Dapieve, in which he defines Legião Urbana albums as: ""the political" Legião Urbana", the lovely" Dois", the irated" Que País É Este 1978/1987", the religious" As Quatro Estações", the shadowy" V", the depressed" A Tempestade" and the redeemer" Uma Outra Estação".".
Debaixo do Mesmo Céu "Debaixo do Mesmo Céu" (""Under the same sky"") is a song released by the singer Joelma, present in their first album Joelma. It was released as the fourth single album and composed of Marília Mendonça, Juliano Tchula and Rodrigo Cavalheiro. On July 8, 2016 the song was made available for download on the Itunes.
Debaixo do Mesmo Céu Along with the song, the singer also released the official clip of the same, which is available on YouTube.
Debaixo do Mesmo Céu The clip highlights the singer alone, balancing all her sensuality and romanticism at the same time. The video was recorded in one of the most charming spots of the city of Recife, in Pernambuco: the Castelo Eventos. Located in Boa Viagem. The place has a medieval setting, the way the artist sought from the beginning. "I wanted a very beautiful dress that would get attention and stand out, and it did exactly as I wanted, as well as giving a medieval air to match the place I chose." Says Joelma.
Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora Tudo Ao Mesmo Tempo Agora "(Everything at the Same Time Now)" is the sixth album released by Brazilian rock band Titãs, and the last one to feature Arnaldo Antunes on vocals and guitars. It is considered the most experimental and lyrically dirty album of the band.
Cantiga da Garvaia algo, mesmo que sem valor. (correa: coisa sem valor)
Subject–object–verb SVO form: "Sou eu mesmo/mesma", literally "It's me [indeed]".
Subject–object–verb SVO form: "Eu hei-de fazê-lo amanhã" or "eu farei o mesmo amanhã"
Rafael Grampá He is author and artist of the "Mesmo Delivery" comic and "Furry Water", both published by Dark Horse Comics.