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Mesão Frio The early nucleu of the modern Mesão Frio was founded near the Church of São Nicolau, which was erected on the instruction of Queen Maud of Savoy, Afonso Henriques' wife.
Mesão Frio The first foral was allocated by Afonso Henriques in February 1152, and later confirmed by Afonso II on 15 October 1217, while the King was Trancoso. Three days before St. Andrew's Day in 1513, King Manuel I of Portugal renovated the foral (a copy of which is located in the municipal archive).
Mesão Frio During this medieval period, the settlement was actually divided in two, each with its own master mason, judge and officials (this division actually physically existed until about 1948). Mesão Frio, during the reign of Manuel I, already included the settlements of Cidadelhe and Vila Marim, in addition to the original parishes of São Nicolau and Santa Cristina, as well as a parcel of the Vila Jusã that included the village called "Meigõ frio de Jusão", alongside the ecclesiastical parish of "Meigõ Frio de Susão". The settlements of Barqueiros, Oliveira and Vila Jusã were annexed much later; Barqueiros, a municipality at the time, and the colonies of Oliveira and Vila Jusã, which belonged to Penaguião, were joined to the municipality of Mesão Frio on 6 November 1836.
Mesão Frio The occupation of the territory of Mesão Frio dates back to the Romans, who occupied a castro in the area around Cidadelhe (from excavations encountered in this location).
Mesão Frio With the export of wine during the 17th and 18th century, vineyards began to extend along the Douro River valley bringing a mature level of economic growth. But, the temptation of "easy money" caused many producers to alter the quality of Douro wines, resulting in poorer quality wines, and a fall in exports. In order to remedy this situation the Marquess of Pombal created the ""Zona de Produção de Vinhos Generosos do Douro"" to designate the region as a producer of elevated quality wines, and eliminate poorer quality producers.
Mesão Frio Mesão Frio, is located 85 kilometres from Porto, 39 kilometres from Vila Real (the district capital) and 12 kilometres from Peso da Régua (its closest neighbour). It is limited in the north and east by the municipality of Peso da Régua, south by Resende and Lamego (along their Douro River frontier) and in the west by the municipality of Baião, in the district of Porto.
Mesão Frio The region is bisected by a fault that cuts the municipality along a northwest by southeast alignment, in addition to a direction north-northeast by south-southeast.
Mesão Frio The evolution of the resident population of Mesão Frio has diminished recent years; between 1991 and 2001, the population in the municipality decreased from 5519 to 4926. Similar decreases occurred between the period 1960 and 2001 where the resident population dropped by 2498 inhabitants. The only exception occurring after the return of colonial immigrants and military after the independence of many of the Portuguese Colonial dependencies. A similar decrease internally, between the parishes has been prevalent, the exceptions being Vila Jusã and São Nicolau, mirroring the desertification in most of the Trás-os-Montes and Douro regions, from the rural to urbanized centres.
Mesão Frio Mesão Frio () is a municipality in the district of Vila Real in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 4,433, in an area of 26.65 km².
Mesão Frio Although the primary level of government is the municipal authority, the local administration is operated by civil parish boards (). The municipality is divided into 5 civil parishes ("freguesias"):