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Article Example
Membrane Relatively recent developments are membrane bioreactors (MBR) which combine microfiltration and a bioreactor for biological treatment.
Membrane Where Qp is the permeate stream flowrate [kg·s], F is the water flux rate [kg·m·s] and A is the membrane area [m]
Membrane where P is the Transmembrane Pressure [kPa], P the inlet pressure of feed stream [kPa]; P the pressure of concentrate stream [kPa]; P the pressure if permeate stream [kPa].
Membrane A membrane is a selective barrier; it allows some things to pass through but stops others. Such things may be molecules, ions, or other small particles. Biological membranes include cell membranes (outer coverings of cells or organelles that allow passage of certain constituents); nuclear membranes, which cover a cell nucleus; and tissue membranes, such as mucosae and serosae. Synthetic membranes are made by humans for use in laboratories and industry (such as chemical plants). The influent of an artificial membrane is known as the feed-stream, the liquid that passes through the membrane is known as the permeate, and the liquid containing the retained constituents is the retentate or concentrate.
Membrane The degree of selectivity of a membrane depends on the membrane pore size. Depending on the pore size, they can be classified as microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. Membranes can also be of various thickness, with homogeneous or heterogeneous structure. Membranes can be neutral or charged, and particle transport can be active or passive. The latter can be facilitated by pressure, concentration, chemical or electrical gradients of the membrane process. Membranes can be generally classified into synthetic membranes and biological membranes.
Membrane In the membrane field, the term module is used to describe a complete unit composed of the membranes, the pressure support structure, the feed inlet, the outlet permeate and retentate streams, and an overall support structure. The principal types of membrane modules are:
Membrane The permeability (k) [m·s·bar] of a membrane is given by the next equation:
Membrane In order to control the operation of a membrane process, two modes, with respect to the flux and to the TMP (Trans Membrane Pressure), can be used. These modes are: (1) constant TMP and (2) constant flux.
Membrane Fouling can be defined as the potential deposition and accumulation of constituents in the feed stream on the membrane.
Membrane Physical cleaning techniques for membrane include membrane relaxation and membrane backwashing.