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hilbert_transform    0.862084

laplace_transform    0.861433

laplacian    0.839191

hypergeometric_function    0.836561

dirac_operator    0.834246

legendre_transform    0.827892

poisson_bracket    0.826648

plancherel_theorem    0.825011

riemann_tensor    0.822143

fubini_theorem    0.819932

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Mellin transform In mathematics, the Mellin transform is an integral transform that may be regarded as the multiplicative version of the two-sided Laplace transform. This integral transform is closely connected to the theory of Dirichlet series, and is
Mellin transform For example, in 2-D polar coordinates the laplacian is:
Mellin transform Now by the convolution theorem for Mellin transform, the solution in the Mellin domain can be inverted:
Mellin transform where the following inverse transform relation was employed:
Mellin transform This property is useful in image recognition. An image of an object is easily scaled when the object is moved towards or away from the camera.
Mellin transform often used in number theory, mathematical statistics, and the theory of asymptotic expansions; it is closely related to the Laplace transform and the Fourier transform, and the theory of the gamma function and allied special functions.
Mellin transform The transform is named after the Finnish mathematician Hjalmar Mellin.
Mellin transform The Mellin transform may also be viewed as the Gelfand transform for the convolution algebra of the locally compact abelian group of positive real numbers with multiplication.
Mellin transform where formula_16 is the gamma function. This integral is known as the Cahen-Mellin integral.
Mellin transform The Mellin transform formula_35 of a random variable "X" uniquely determines its distribution function "F". The importance of the Mellin transform in probability theory lies in the fact that if "X" and "Y" are two independent random variables, then the Mellin transform of their products is equal to the product of the Mellin transforms of "X" and "Y":