Top 10 similar words or synonyms for mekhmet

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scathach    0.661217

thirrin    0.652486

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nemis    0.646285

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rhodry    0.640595

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mekhmet

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Article Example
Characters in the Icemark Chronicles Kirimin is the youngest daughter of Tharaman-Thar and Krisafitsa and a good friend of Sharley and Mekhmet.
Medea (The Icemark Chronicles) When Sharley returns to the Icemark with an army to help her invaded country she tries to kill him by possessing Mekhmet but is defeated with the help of the Blessed Women. Then she tries to kill him with magically drawn lightning from the sky. Oskan deflects this back at her and banishes her to The Circle Of Dark.
Medea (The Icemark Chronicles) Medea lures Sharley, Kirimin and Mekhmet into The Plain Of Desolation. While they are trapped there she tries to kill them numerous times using methods such as Elephantas, Trolls on bridges and ghosts. She has a battle with her father in spirit form there.
Characters in the Icemark Chronicles Ketshaka is the ruler of Lusuland, which is located south of the Icemark in Arifica. She decides to help the Icemark in their struggle against the Polypontians without question. Ketshaka names Sharley as her adopted son along with Mekhmet. After the Last Battle of the Icemark, Sharley, Mekhemet, Kirimin and Impious visit Lusuland.
Medea (The Icemark Chronicles) Oskan confronts Medea in The Darkness and they have a magical battle. Just as Oskan is about to destroy Medea's powers, Orla distracts Oskan allowing Medea to burn Oskan to the bone. Cressida comes and manages to wound Medea because she is immune to magic. With Medea wounded Oskan then rescues Sharley, Mekhmet and Kirimin from The Plain Of Desolation.
Characters in the Icemark Chronicles Mekhmet is the crown prince of the Desert Kingdom. After meeting Sharley, he quickly befriends him and helps Sharley to become a warrior by making him do dance lessons with the dance master to strengthen his week leg and he gives him battle training. He also gives Sharly a black horse and black armour to match. He chooses a sword for him but he doesn't know it is actually the Blade of Fire. He agrees to help defend the Icemark against the Polypontians, and gathers a giant army to stop the Imperial invasion and helps Sharley get an alliance with the Lusu, a warlike people that border the Desert Kingdom.
The Icemark Chronicles During the final battle, all appears to be lost when Charlemagne appears, leading his army. They tear into the Empire's flank, turning the tide of the battle. Bellorum's sons are both killed; with Charlemagne beheading Octavius, although not before he almost fatally wounds Mekhmet; and Charlemagne's sister, Cressida, impaling Sulla in the stomach. Scipio's army turns and flees, breaking their rock hard discipline. Scipio himself flees, but is hunted down by the Vampire Queen, who has returned. Thirrin takes the pleasure of killing him.
The Icemark Chronicles Throughout the story, Medea, the youngest daughter of Thirrin and Oskan, has been causing havoc. Inheriting the legacy and powers of Oskan, who inherited them through his father, she also has the choice between Light and Dark. She inevitably chooses the dark, and begins trying to murder her little brother, Charlemagne, for "stealing" her parent's love. She uses her weather powers to create a storm and try to take out the fleet of ships Sharley is traveling with on his journey to Venezzia, hoping that the storm will kill him. Many of the ships collapse but Sharley survives. She later causes the death of her brother, Cerdic and many soldiers of The Icemark by manipulating the leaders of the allies minds and making them go into a battle that they can't be successful in. When Sharley returns to the Icemark, she possesses his friend Mekhmet and gives Sharley the option to kill him or be killed himself. Only with the help of the Blessed Women do they both survive. Oskan realizes that a Dark Witch is causing trouble, but does not believe it is his daughter. Then, she attempts to murder Charlemagne as he "returns to the north with a blade of fire in his hand" (as stated in Oskan's prophecy). When Oskan calls down lightning from the sky, she takes it from him and directs it at Sharley. Oskan, enraged, deflects it back at her. He then shows her how strong the temptation of the Dark is on him, and how much it could heighten his own powers. Finally, he sends Medea into the realms of Dark. The book ends with Charlemagne and an old housecarl who is an expert, showing Mekhmet how to fish, something never seen in the Southern continent.
The Icemark Chronicles Twenty years have passed: Thirrin and Oskan have married and had 5 children. However, when war threatens the Icemark once again, their crippled son Charlemagne is sent to the South Continent as Prince Regent to the Icemark as a refugee for his and their protection. But he has no intention of acting like a good little prince, and sets off to find some of the greatest allies the Icemark could hope for. He travels through deserts and is protected by the Blessed Women, spirits who vow to protect him. He arrives at the Desert Kingdom; he befriends the Crown Prince Mekhmet. Thanks to the Dance Master, he loses his disability and learns to fight. He gathers more allies such as the Lusu People and a battalion of zombies, Rock Trolls, and ghosts, proving he has inherited the ability to unite people from his mother.