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Ted Meines In 1948 Meines became a professional soldier. In April 1949 Meines was promoted to first lieutenant. With the Politionele acties happening in the Dutch East Indies Meines wished to serve there. However, his request was denied as he was deemed too valuable for the renewal of the Dutch armed forces. In September 1949 Meines saw his earlier request fulfilled and he was sent to the Western Java, Dutch East Indies. He returned to the Netherlands in October 1950. He subsequently served at the artillery school. From January to July 1952 he received training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, United States. He was promoted to captain in 1954.
Ted Meines On his death Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert called Meines "the founder of the current veterans policy".
Ted Meines Meines died in his home town of Leidschendam on 24 December 2016, aged 95.
Ted Meines In 1957 Meines started serving with the 43rd and later 12th Artillery Division. From 1959 to 1965 he held several military staff positions, and he was promoted to major in 1961. In 1965 he became part of the . And two years later was promoted to lieutenant-colonel. In 1969 Meines became head of the restructuring section. In 1971 he was promoted to colonel and became deputy commander of the 42e Pantserinfanteriebrigade. In May 1973 Meines was named to temporary deputy head of logistics. Ten months later he was promoted to brigade general and a subsequent two months later to major-general when he was assigned as deputy quartermaster-general. Meines retired in November 1976 as major general, aged 55.
Ted Meines Meines was active in veteran affairs since 1950. He was the founder of "Het Veteranen Legioen Nederland". In 1988 he became the first chairperson of the newly founded "Veteranenstichting". Meines was instrumental in the creation of the "Veteranenplatform". The platform united dozens of veteran affairs organizations. Meines led the platform until 1998. During this time he managed to persuade Defence Minister Relus ter Beek to form a more active veterans policy. Which culminated in an annual veterans day since 1995 and a Veterans law in 2012. The Veterans Platforms instituted a Ted Meines Prize when Meines left the organization. In 1994 Meines was promoted to titular lieutenant-general. Meines has stated that Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld told him shortly before his death in 2004 to take care of the veterans of the Netherlands.