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Kenneth Megill Megill published more than a dozen articles in philosophical academic journals. In 1970 Free Press/Macmillan published his book "The New Democratic Theory" in which he argued that liberal democracy and dialectical materialism had both failed and that a new theory of democracy was needed that focused on control of the places by those who lived and worked there.
Kenneth Megill In 1999, Megill began a three-year project to create an Integrated Digital Environment (IDE) for the US Air Force.
Kenneth Megill The University of Florida (Gainesville) library has a collection of Megill's papers from 1967–1973.
Kenneth Megill Kenneth Megill is an American philosopher, trade unionist, political activist, and records and knowledge manager.
Kenneth Megill Starting in the late 1980s Megill became a practicing records manager and later turned his attention to developing a theoretical framework for records and knowledge management. In 1987 he was hired as the first professional records manager at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Administrator of National Banks for the US federal government. He automated the operations of the Central File Room and spent a year working with other OCC staff to develop a data dictionary for banking.
Kenneth Megill He began a fifteen-year working relationship with Cuadra Associates and assisted them in developing the first software for managing electronic records. From 1988 to 1993, Megill taught courses at The Catholic University of America School of Library and Information Science. He was one of the first professors to use electronic technologies in teaching. He developed a certificate program in federal information resources management and, with a group of federal information professionals, he published a handbook on how to bring the information revolution to the federal government.
Kenneth Megill He published two editions of a book on corporate memory that gave a theoretical and practical bases for records management which was translated into Serbo-Croatian. Together with Herb Schantz, an engineer who held patents on many of the technologies used for document scanning, he wrote a book for document managers. Schantz was a leader in The Association for Work Process Improvement (TAWPI) which brought together technical and business leaders in optical character recognition.
Kenneth Megill As a consultant, Megill helped organizations and businesses to develop records management and archival programs. He spoke at professional meetings and continued his writing.
Kenneth Megill In 2005, Megill and Lawrence Tan founded a company, Knowledge Applications Services (KAS), to put his theoretical work into practice. He worked with the National Mediation Board (NMB), an agency managing labor-management relationships in the airline and railway industry. Under his leadership, NMB created the first all-electronic record management system in a federal agency.
Kenneth Megill During 1968 he was a researcher at the Institute of Philosophy at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organized by George Markus, an associate of the Hungarian philosopher and political leader Georg Lukacs. Megill met regularly with Lukacs and the members of what became known as the Budapest School. He visited philosophers and political activists in Poland and Czechoslovakia and attended the Korcula Summer School sponsored by the Praxis Group in Yugoslavia. which was the major gathering for European Democratic Marxists from both East and West Europe. The theme of the conference, especially appropriate in 1968, was "Marx and Revolution". During the conference, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia and brought an end to the Prague Spring and began a period of repression that led to the Budapest School losing their positions.