Top 10 similar words or synonyms for medevaced

reembarked    0.608584

strafed    0.601545

airlifted    0.587739

ferried    0.578893

convoyed    0.571719

refuelled    0.568145

commandeered    0.559943

rerigged    0.555970

crewman    0.554919

disembarks    0.552509

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for medevaced

Article Example
USCGC Sorrel (WLB-296) On 1 July 1965 "Sorrel" was reassigned to Seward, Alaska where she would remain until 18 April 1973. On 13 September 1966 assisted towing fishing vessel "Jo Ann" to Cordova, Alaska, on 6 November 1967 fought a fire at Shelter Cove, Alaska, on 4 November 1969 medevaced two crewman seriously burned in a fire on the Japanese fishing vessel "Koshin Maru", and on 21 November 1970 medevaced crewman from fishing vessel "Lee Ann" to Seward, Alaska for medical aid.
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center The medical center also serves as a stop-over (medevaced via the nearby Ramstein Air Base) for serious casualties from Iraq and Afghanistan before being flown to the United States.
Opération Séisme Haiti 2010 As of 30 January 2010, over 126 have been medevaced to Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre. Over 38 operations have been performed, by the team of 21 at French military field hospital and aboard Siroco.
USCGC Chautauqua (WHEC-41) "Chautauqua" was homeported at Honolulu, Hawaii, from 22 July 1954 to February 1972, with duties of law enforcement, ocean station, and search and rescue. On 21 November 1956, she medevaced a crewman from M/V "Evibelle". On 13 July 1959, she assisted the yacht "Cloud Nine" at 23°20’N, 143°00’W. She patrolled the Trans-Pacific Race from 15 to 17 July 1959. On 6 September 1959, she medevaced a crewman from M/V "Pioneer" at 34°25’N, 162°16’E. While on ocean station in February 1965, the Chautauqua sustained damage and had to depart early for Yokosuka, Japan due to main motor-bearing problems.
USCGC Winnebago (WHEC-40) On 27 May 1965, "Winnebago" medevaced a disabled seaman from the Japanese "FV Tsuru Maru No. 8" south of Honolulu. In May 1966, her medical officer, a U.S. Public Health Service officer, performed an appendectomy on a "Winnebago" crewmen. "Winnebago" then rendezvoused with the where "Winnebago"'s medical officer performed another appendectomy on a "Navasota" crewman. Later in the same month, "Winnebago" rendezvoused with the Japanese "MV Shoei Maru" where the doctor amputated the foot of a 17-year-old seaman. In May 1967, she medevaced an injured crewman from the "Shoeu Maru" and transferred him to the "Texas Maru".