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Valentyn Mykhailovych Bilotserkovskiy In 2010, the ensemble won a Grand-prix and a Special prize of S-tet TV-Channel at ‘Zvezdnye Mechty’ Kharkiv First television festival of children’s and youth’s art.
Island of Dreams (amusement park) Island of Dreams (; "Ostrov Mechty") is an amusement park in Moscow, which is planned to open in 2018. The main theme park will be based on the works of companies DreamWorks and Soyuzmultfilm. According to the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, it will be the largest indoor amusement park not only in Russia but throughout the world.
The Little Golden Calf Mikhail Shveytser made a black-and-white film "The Little Golden Calf" in 1968, with Sergey Yursky as Bender. In 1993, it was adapted as "Mechty Idiota" (Idiot's Dreams) by director Vasili Pichul, starring pop singer Sergei Krylov as Bender. In 2006, the Russian Channel One aired the eight-part TV series "The Little Golden Calf" starring Oleg Menshikov as Bender.
List of BattleTech characters Son of Aleksandr Kerensky, and the man who formed the Clans from the remnants of the "Star League Defense Force". Nicholas led the original 800 loyal warriors into the Second Exodus from a civil war gripping the Pentagon worlds to the future Clan Capital world of Strana Mechty. There Nicholas would use the intercene warfare of the Pentagon worlds as the catalyst and motivation to completely reform society and abandon any former ties to the old Inner Sphere, their government, and their lifestyles. His people would build and train for twenty years on Strana Mechty, and form into 20 Clans based on animal motifs, martial law, and a strict five-caste political system. Eventually these 20 Clans launched Operation Klondike to conquer the Pentagon Worlds from the barely functional rebel factions and their shell shocked and war-weary people. These desperate survivors would hail Nicholas as their savior. The people of the Pentagon worlds whole-heartedly converted to his Clan system of government, and would begin to artificially breed warriors for the ruling warrior caste in laboratories using the DNA of the original 800 warriors that followed Nicholas to Strana Mechty. Nicholas was killed years later during the Clan Widowmaker Absorption Trials by the Widowmaker Khan Carl Jorgennsen.
Dmitry Koldun In the preliminary stage, Koldun performed "Angel Mechty" receiving 4412 votes, 32% of the public vote. The judges then chose two of their preferred artists to compete in a final alongside Koldun where he was eventually announced the winner with the song "Work Your Magic" on 22 January. He was the least popular (of three acts) of the professional judges but won due to the public vote.
List of BattleTech characters Later he led the First St. Ives Lancers during Operation Bulldog, the main phase of the reformed Star Leagues military campaign to eradicate Clan Smoke Jaguar. After the end of the operation he joined Victor Steiner-Davion for the Great Refusal on Strana Mechty where he defeated Khan Vlad Ward of the Wolf Clan and achieved a draw against the Wolf Binary. He was released on his honor by his cousin Sun-Tzu Liao, following the St. Ives capitulation to the Capellan Confederation.
Alsou On January 23, 2003, Alsou released her new Russian album entitled "19". The CD was received well by critics, and by April 2003 the sales had reached 500.000 copies. "19" spawned such singles as "Vsyo Ravno" ("Anyway"), "Vchera" ("Yesterday"), "Perviy Raz" ("The First Time"), "Mechty" ("Dreams") feat. Karl Frierson (mixed by Pit Baumgartner from De Phazz), "Letyashchaya Nad Oblakami" ("Flying Over The Clouds") and "Etkey" ("Father", a Tatarstan single).
List of BattleTech characters The battle was one of the most bloody and vicious enterprises to take place even in perpetual war of the Battletech universe. Against all odds, Task Force Serpent destroyed the final Galaxy of warriors remaining to the Smoke Jaguars. Osis himself was badly injured in an honor duel with an Inner Sphere 'Spirit Cat' (essentially the modern Draconis Combine Ninja) and evacuated back to Strana Mechty, his homeworld falling for the last time shortly afterwards to Inner Sphere reinforcements led by Victor Steiner Davion.
Rêverie (Scriabin) One day, his friend Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov came to visit him and played the work on the piano. He deemed it "Delightful, wheated in piquant harmonies and not badly orchestrated". Since Belaïeff thought the French title "Prélude" did not fit an orchestral work, he and Scriabin decided to rename it "Rêverie". As Belaïeff's editions were published in French (or German) and Russian, they further discussed about the Slavic title. They had to choose between "mechty" (daydreams) or "gryozy" (musings). They agreed on the first. After hearing the rehearsals, Scriabin wrote: "Imagine my joy, the piece sounds very well. At the rehearsal on 1 December Korsakov was so sweet. He had each section go through its parts separately and spent a whole hour in it [...]"
Blestyashchiye Originally Blestyashchiye consisted of three girls: Olga Orlova, Polina Iodis and Varvara Koroleva. In 1996 Irina Lukjanova and Janna Friske joined the group when Varvara Koroleva left the group right after the release of their first album "Tam, Tol'ko Tam" (, ). Featuring original arrangements, lovely lyrics, and artistic music videos, Blestyashchiye became quite popular. They went on tour across the country, and they were highly praised. There, Janna became an instant success with her excellent vocal abilities and superb dancing skills. In 1997 they released the album "Tam, Tol'ko Tam (Remixes)". In 1998, the group released their second album "Prosto Mechty" (, ). This album included such musical best sellers, "Gde Zhe Ti Gde?", "Oblaka", and "Cha, Cha, Cha". After the album was released, Polina Iodis left the group and the three remaining girls continued to work together. In August 1999, Ksenia Novikova joined Blestyashchiye. Soon, the group released a new single "Za osen'yu pridet zima" (, ).