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Terry McAuliffe On January 31, 2017, McAulliffe appeared with Attorney General Mark Herring to announce that Virginia was joining the lawsuit Aziz vs. Trump, challenging President Donald Trump's immigration executive order.
1980 State of Origin game In front of a capacity Lang Park crowd of 33,210, which included State of Origin's instigator, senator Ron McAulliffe, Federal Defence Minister Jim Killen, and journalist Hugh Lunn, the Maroons were led out by former Kangaroos skipper, 35-year-old Arthur Beetson who was playing for Queensland for the first time. Beetson, after starring for Redcliffe in Brisbane in 1964 and 1965, had been told by the QRL that if he stayed in Brisbane he would be in line for state selection in 1966. However, he received an offer he couldn't refuse from Sydney club Balmain and ended up playing 18 games for NSW between 1966 and 1977 under the old state of residency rule. Beetson was actually playing Reserve Grade for the Parramatta Eels in Sydney at the time that Ron McAulliffe approached him and offered him the chance to finally play for his home state.
Michigan State Spartans Football has a long tradition at Michigan State. Starting as a club sport in 1884, football gained varsity status in 1896. During that time, the Spartans had a roster of impressive players, including Lynn Chandnois, Dorne Dibble, Meredith Assaly, and Don McAulliffe. In 1951, the Spartans finished the season undefeated, and performed the same feat the following year in addition to the nation's longest winning streak of 24 games. The team was named the "undisputed national champions by every official poll".
Genevieve Fiore In 1967 Fiore was honored as one of the inductees for the 1966 Colorado Women of Achievement Award along with Elizabeth McAulliffe Calabrese and Sabina O’Malley. She was recognized nationally when she received the Freedoms Foundation's George Washington Medal and received the international Michelangelo Medal from UNESCO. On 15 October 1975, she was knighted by Italy receiving the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity. She was inducted into the Colorado Women's Hall of Fame in 1991.
Michigan State Spartans football During the 1950s when Detroit was known as the world's leading automobile manufacturer, Michigan State was often referred to as the nation's "football factory." During this era, the Spartans produced great players such as Lynn Chandnois, Dorne Dibble, Don McAulliffe, Tom Yewcic, Sonny Grandelius, Bob Carey, Don Coleman, Earl Morrall and Dean Look. In 1951, the Spartans finished undefeated and untied to claim a share of the national championship with Tennessee. A second consecutive undefeated season led to a consensus national title in 1952. The team was admitted into the Big Ten as a regular member in 1953, winning the league championship and defeating UCLA in their first Rose Bowl game. After the 1953 season, Biggie Munn, turned the team over to his protégé Duffy Daugherty.
Colorado Women's Hall of Fame There was a short-lived recognition program established in Colorado in 1965 to honor the contributions of women to the state, known as the Colorado Women of Achievement awards. Each year, three honorees from throughout the state who had distinguished themselves in their profession or avocation were recognized at an annual banquet held in Denver, given a cash award, and received a pin with the emblem of the program, which was sponsored by the Columbia Savings and Loan Association. The 1965 inductees, honored in 1966, included Verona Burkhard, Jo Eleanor Elliott and Sister Frances Marie Walsh. In 1967 the inductees for the 1966 award were Sabina O’Malley, Elizabeth McAulliffe Calabrese, and Genevieve Fiore. In 1968, the honorees for 1967 were recognized. They included Rena Mary Taylor, Marion M. Maresh, Mrs. E. Ray Campbell. Two Life Award recipients, honoring a life-long commitment of service, were given to Mary M. McDonald and Ella Matty Orman. 1968 inductees, recognized in 1969 were Anna M. Garnett, Betty Pellet, Margaret Rossi, with Ruby Lewis Neal being recognized with the Life Award.