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Mazamorra The drink typically includes maize grains, crushed with mortar and pestle, then soaked in water with soda lye (although the traditional reagent used is fern ash, which contains high amounts of potassium carbonate), and finally cooked until soft. Mazamorra is very common during lunch and dinnertime at any time of year. It is usually sold as "city food". The vendors usually ride a tricycle adapted with a large cauldron and announce themselves with a klaxon. They sell the base mazamorra, and the customer must add the milk and the panela.
Mazamorra As locro, it's common to eat mazamorra on national holydays, like 25 de mayo and independence day.
Mazamorra Mazamorra often accompanies panela and is a very popular side dish to meals such as bandeja paisa.
Mazamorra Costa Rican mazamorra is basically a corn porridge, which is made cooking the maize in milk, clove, vanilla, and adding corn starch.
Mazamorra Cordobense mazamorra is a traditional dish made of almonds, bread, garlic, oil and vinegar.
Mazamorra Mazamorra in Peru is made with a local variety of Maize, purple corn, rich in anthocyanin which gives the mazamorra a deep purple color. The maize is cooked with pineapple, cinnamon and sweet potato flour. This dish is made specially in October for the celebrations of the Lord of Miracles day 333. This purple corn is also used to make chicha morada, a sweet beverage.
Mazamorra Mazamorra (from Spanish Arabic "pičmáṭ" from Greek "paxamádion", and from the Greek mâza) is the name for numerous traditional dishes from Córdoba, Andalusia and Latin America. The origin of the recipe differs for every dish.
Mazamorra Mazamorra is usually made with the same boiled maize used to make locro.
Mazamorra In Argentina, mazamorra is a traditional dish. It is a dessert with native roots made with white maize, water, sugar, and vanilla. A variant, which is the most consumed in the country, is mazamorra with milk. In this recipe, milk is added to the previous ingredients.
Mazamorra Other derivations exist. In Cundinamarca and Boyacá, where the corn is cooked with onions, coriander, garlic, faba beans, potatoes and mashuas, often with pieces of ribs or beef. This dish is known as "mazamorra chiquita" (small mazamorra).