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minr    0.880206

minl    0.836609

maxp    0.830682

maxv    0.813751

maxl    0.811465

bmin    0.811169

hmaxr    0.809561

maxd    0.799955

minv    0.796323

maxc    0.794814

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for maxr

Article Example
Composite reflectivity The composite reflectivity is the maximum dBZ reflectivity from any of the reflectivity angles of the NEXRAD weather radar. The reflectivity on individual PPI angles show the precipitation intensity at that specific angle above the horizon. Some of these angles are .5, 1.45, 2.4, and 3.35 degrees with the Doppler radar having up to 14 angles when it's in Severe Mode. In the Composite, the highest intensities amongst those available in the different angles above each point of the image will be displayed. In the Canadian weather radar network, this is called MAXR, for "Maximum reflectivity" in the column.