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Mauterndorf The settlement arose from a Roman "castra" in the Noricum province, at the mountain road from Teurnia to the Radstädter Tauern Pass and Iuvavum (Salzburg). Mauterndorf was first mentioned in a 1002 deed, Mauterndorf Castle was acquired by the Salzburg archbishops in 1023, who set up a toll ("Maut") station and ceded the inhabitants market rights in 1217. From the 15th century, the fortress was significantly enlarged as a stronghold at the behest of the archbishops Burkhard Weisbriach and Leonhard von Keutschach.
Mauterndorf It is located in the centre of the Salzburg Lungau region, in the valley of the Southern Taurach River, a tributary of the Mur rising at the Radstädter Tauern Pass. In the north, the Niedere Tauern range forms a part of the main chain of the Alps. In the south, the Katschberg Roads via Sankt Michael leads to the Tauern Autobahn and the Katschberg Pass, crossing the Hohe Tauern range towards Carinthia.
Mauterndorf Mauterndorf is a market town of the Tamsweg District in the Austrian state of Salzburg. The municipality also comprises the Katastralgemeinden "Faningberg, Neuseß" and "Steindorf".
Mauterndorf Seats in the municipal assembly ("Gemeinderat") as of 2009 elections:
Mauterndorf Mauterndorf received access to the Mur Valley Railway in October 1894, as the western terminus of the narrow gauge line leading to Tamsweg and Murau in Styria. Passenger service from Tamsweg to Mauterndorf ceased in 1973, the section is today used by the museal Taurach Railway.
Mauterndorf In 1894 Mauterndorf Castle was purchased by the German staff surgeon Hermann von Epenstein, godfather of Hermann Göring. Göring spent several times in his childhood at the castle and in 1939 inherited it from Epenstein's widow. At the end of World War II he fled to Mauterndorf. Leaving there, he surrendered to the US Army at Bruck an der Großglocknerstraße. Since 1968 the castle has been owned by the State of Salzburg. In 1985 Mauterndorf and was the site of the first-ever FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships.
Burg Mauterndorf Mautendorf Castle is probably built on the site of an old Roman fort that dates to 326 AD or earlier. It protected the Roman mountain road from Teurnia via Radstädter Tauern Pass to Iuvavum (present-day Salzburg) and served as a residence for the Roman administrator in the Noricum province. The original fort was destroyed during the Migration Period.
Burg Mauterndorf A castle built on the site in later years was funded and supported by a toll (maut) collection system for the nearby road. Evidence for this comes from a deed gift issued by Emperor Henry II in the year 1002. "Dorf" is a German suffix for village or settlement. The castle itself was not mentioned until in 1253, th the time when the keep ("Bergfried") was erected. Held by the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg, the fortress was significantly enlarged under the rule of the archbishops Burkhard Weisbriach and Leonhard von Keutschach during the 15th century, to reach the form it still has today. The toll system on the Radtsädter Tauern Pass road supported the castle and village until in 1803 when the toll collection was abandoned during the Napoleonic Wars. In 1806 the castle became a possession of the Austrian state.
Burg Mauterndorf In 1894 Burg Mauterndorf was purchased by Hermann Epenstein (1851–1934), a Christian of Jewish descent, who served as an Prussian Army surgeon in Berlin. He refurbished and restored the decayed castle with great effort for use as a residence. In 1908 he obtained the minor title of a "Ritter" von Mauternburg by the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I for his meritorious services and donation to the Crown.
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