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Maumere The reefs in areas surrounding Maumere (the Maumere Gulf) were once considered some of the finest diving in the world. However, a 2007 report found that 75% of the coral reefs had been significantly damaged or destroyed by the practice of bomb fishing, the use of toxic chemicals in fishing, and due to earthquakes.
Maumere In 2005, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maumere was established in the town.
Maumere Maumere is the seat capital of the Sikka Regency and the largest town in Flores, Indonesia. It lies on the north coast of the island and the port is in the north-west part of the town. Frans Seda Airport is located in Maumere. In 1992 Maumere had a total population of 70,000.
Maumere One priority of the local community and government is the promotion of tourism. An annual cultural event, "Maumere in Love", has been initiated as a step towards fostering both local and wider interest in the region around Maumere.
Maumere The town suffered considerable damage in the 1992 Indonesia earthquake, with 90 per cent of all buildings being destroyed. The more recent Census population is 47,598.
Maumere Mother of All Nations (Indonesian: "Bunda Segala Bangsa") is a statue of Mother Mary in Nilo hill, 5 km south-west from Maumere. The statue stands 18 metres (59 ft) tall, but with its pedestal and foundation it is 28 metres (92 ft) tall. The 6-ton copper-clad statue was constructed on 2005, located at the peak of the 500 metre (1,640 ft) Keli hill, Nilo village, and has become the tallest statue raised in Sikka Regency.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Maumere The diocese covers an area of 1,732 km², coinciding with the civil district Sikka on the eastern part of the island Flores. As of 2005, 259,598 of the 270,000 people in the area are member of the Catholic Church. The diocese is subdivided into 30 parishes.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Maumere The Roman Catholic Diocese of Maumere ("Dioecesis Maumerensis") in Indonesia was created on December 14, 2005 by splitting it from the Archdiocese of Ende, which is still the metropolitan of the diocese. Its first bishop is Vincentius Sensi. The St Joseph church in Maumere is the cathedral of the diocese.
Frans Xavier Seda Airport Frans Xavier Seda Airport () , also known as Wai Oti Airport or Maumere Airport, is an airport serving Maumere, the capital city of Sikka Regency and the largest town on the island of Flores, in the province of East Nusa Tenggara in Indonesia. Maumere is known for its reefs in the Gulf of Maumere which were once considered some of the finest diving in the world.
Flores Main Cities in Flores are Labuan Bajo, Ruteng, Bajawa, Ende, Maumere and Larantuka