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UFFA UFFA includes a number of facilities that encourage youth to seek their own identity and structure. One example is the Ivar Matlaus Bokkafé. The café is named after a Norwegian anarchist named Ivar Mortensson-Egnund, who among other things, lectured the Norwegian people about politics, religion and social issues. One of the lectures he held was named “Matløysa i Noreg”. Translated to English it means “Foodless in Norway”. After this lecture he was called “Ivar Matlaus” – or “Foodless Ivar” in English.
Svartlamon There are some small businesses at Svartlamon, among them "the free shop", Gratisbutikken a shop that is around 10 years old, and a café called Ramp. Ivar Matlaus Bokkafé, an anarchist bookshop is located here as well.
Ivar Mortensson-Egnund In the 1870s, he was a friend and acquaintance of Moltke Moe, and through him met Arne Garborg. In 1877 when Garborg started the magazine "Fedraheimen" Mortensson became an employee. It was also Ivar who helped Hulda and Arne Garborg locate & rent a small cabin on the small farm "Kolbotnen", near the lake Savalen in Alvdal in 1887. When Garborg moved there, Mortensson followed. At this time these friends had little money and Garborg styled Mortenssonn as “Ivar Matlaus” (Ivar Foodless).
Ivar Mortensson-Egnund Ivar Mortensson-Egnund (originally Ivar Julius Mortensen and also referred to as Ivar Matlaus) (24 July 1857 – 16 February 1934) was a Norwegian author, journalist, theologian, researcher, translator, writer, philosopher and advocate of nynorsk (the new Norwegian language). He was born in Alvdal North Østerdal. His parents were Anne Petronelle Tangen, and Morten Mortensen Ogarden, a former parliament member for the Liberals, both from Tynset. He studied theology in Christiania and was cand. theol. in 1883. However, he did not practice as a priest before he became a diocese curate at Hamar in 1909. In 1894 he married Karen Nilsen and they farmed at Einabu in Folldal, a farm which his family had purchased in 1873.