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valenzana    0.898973

derthona    0.884620

sangiovannese    0.883283

casertana    0.882023

pergocrema    0.876420

sambenedettese    0.875306

pizzighettone    0.874122

pistoiese    0.872609

sanremese    0.867713

maceratese    0.866938

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S.S.D. Massese In the summer 1991 it was renamed Unione Sportiva Massese 1919, but in 2009 it went bankrupt.
S.S.D. Massese In the season 2011–12 the team was promoted from Eccellenza Tuscany/A to Serie D after playoffs.
S.S.D. Massese Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Massese is an Italian football club, based in Massa, Tuscany. Massese currently plays in Serie D, having last been in Serie B in 1970–71 season.
S.S.D. Massese The club was founded in 1919 as Società Sportiva Juventus Massa.
S.S.D. Massese In summer 2009 the club was refounded with the current name restarting from Eccellenza Tuscany.
Massese sheep The Massese is one of the seventeen autochthonous Italian sheep breeds for which a genealogical herdbook is kept by the Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia, the Italian national association of sheep-breeders. The herdbook was established in 1971. Total numbers for the breed were recorded as 182,690 in 1986, of which 66% were in Tuscany and 27% in Emilia–Romagna. In 2006 the population was estimated at 55,000, of which 16,477 were registered in the herdbook; in 2013 the number recorded in the herdbook was 8423.
Massese sheep The Massese is a breed of domestic sheep from the Alpi Apuane mountains of the province of Massa Carrara, in Tuscany, central Italy. It takes its name from the town of Massa. It is raised throughout most of Tuscany, and also in Emilia–Romagna, Liguria and Umbria. It has common origins with the other indigenous sheep breeds of the Apennines.
Massese sheep The Massese remains in oestrus throughout the year, and normally lambs three times every two years; this, coupled with a twinning rate of 135%, allows production of two lambs per year. They are slaughtered at a weight of 10–15 kg. The milk yield is about 120 ± 32 litres per lactation for primiparous, and 138 ± 45 l for pluriparous, ewes; it may reach 300–350 l per lactation. The milk has on average 6.2% fat and 5.3% protein.
Matteo Bonatti Bonatti returned to Empoli again in June 2006 and left for Massese on loan with option to sign half of the registration rights. He played 26 "Serie C1" games and on 2 July 2007 Massese excised the rights.
Biagio Pagano Biagio Pagano (born 29 January 1983) is an Italian footballer who plays for Massese.