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Article Example
Martin Nyrop Martin Nyrop (11 November 1849 – 18 May 1921) was a Danish architect who designed the Copenhagen City Hall, the Vallekilde Folk High School, and the majority of the buildings for the Nordic Exhibition of 1888.
Vesterbros Torv The church was completed as an infill in 1907. It is designed by Martin Nyrop.
Stormbro The bridge was renovated by Martin Nyrop in 1918. It is built in stone and has three arches.
Sorø Academy The old well, stemming from the original abbey, was in 1915 topped by a well house designed by Martin Nyrop, one of the schools former students.
Bispegården, Copenhagen In 1896, the building underwent a comprehensive renovation and alteration under the architect Martin Nyrop, known for designing the new Copenhagen City Hall completed in 1905.
Slotsholmen Various sources state that the bridge was erected in 1681 but on the side the inscription "erected in MDCLX is carved into its stone foundation. The bridge was renovated by Martin Nyrop in 1918.
Rasmus Harboe Rasmus Harboe (25 October 1868 – 4 June 1952) was a Danish sculptor. He was a frequent collaborator with several of the leading Danish architects of his time, including Martin Nyrop.
Blågårds Plads Blågård Church is located on the north side of the square. It was built in 1926 to a design by Andreas Clemmensen and Johan Nielsen, replacing a temporary church by Martin Nyrop from 1905.
Nørregade Church of Our Lady was in its current form designed by Christian Frederik Hansen. The Bishop's House on the opposite side of the street was built in 1732 but adapted by Martin Nyrop in 1896.
Copenhagen City Hall The current city hall was designed by architect Martin Nyrop and the design for the building was inspired by the city hall of Siena, Italy. Construction began in 1892 and the hall was opened on September 12, 1905.