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Salvador Mariona Salvador Antonio Mariona Rivera (born 27 December 1943 in Santa Tecla, El Salvador) is a retired soccer player from El Salvador who represented his country at the 1970 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.
Chionodes mariona Chionodes mariona is a moth in the Gelechiidae family. It is found in North America, where it has been recorded from Arizona, southern Texas and Mexico.
Mariona Ribas Ribas received a musical education and studied dance and acting before her debut on television at the age of 15. On the stage, Ribas made her debut with a starring role in Manuel Veiga's "Tempesta de neu" at Sala Muntaner, Barcelona, in 2003. Ribas also had a leading role in "Ja en tinc 30!", in 2004. She has also played a role in "Jugando con Molière" (2005–2006) and "El poema de Nadal" (2007).
Salvador Mariona Born in Santa Tecla, Mariona moved with his parents to Izalco while still a boy and started a youth swimming career there, in the end winning a silver medal in a 4x100 m relief competition in Puerto Rico. He then began his footballing career at Mario Calvo in the third division and moved up to the premier division when he joined Atlante.
Chionodes mariona The wingspan is 9–10 mm. The forewings are glossy black with two conspicuous cream-colored spots. The first one has the form of a short triangular dash on the outer third of the costa, while the other is an irregular spot of about the same size on the dorsum just beyond the middle. The hindwings are smoky fuscous.