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Manuel Oribe Oribe was a big supporter of Juan Manuel de Rosas in Argentina, who in turn supported him.
Manuel Oribe The personal rivalry between Rivera and Oribe, which apparently dates of such events, the young officer decided to abandon his boss. Carlos Federico Lecor, commander of the occupying forces, offered no hindrance to the passage of eastern officials in Buenos Aires, even though he could not attract them to your cause. Rivera and his people were in the service of the invader Lusitanians.
Manuel Oribe The occupation of the Banda Oriental and its transformation into "Cisplatina Province" by the Portuguese and Brazilian troops had resulted in additional fracture of the leading sectors, which has since lined up in two groups separated by the acceptance or rejection of that military presence:
Manuel Oribe Manuel Ceferino Oribe y Viana (August 26, 1792 – November 12, 1857) was the 2nd Constitutional president of Uruguay.
Manuel Oribe Those groups would eventually become the Colorado and White party.
Manuel Oribe He served as President of Uruguay between 1835 and 1838.
Manuel Oribe In 1838 he was forced to resign by Fructuoso Rivera but started a rebel army and began a long civil war which lasted until 1851.
Manuel Oribe Oribe besieged the capital Montevideo for 8 long years (period known as Great Siege of Montevideo); he presided over the "Gobierno del Cerrito". At last Oribe was defeated in 1851 with help from Brazil and Argentine rebels, lead by Justo José de Urquiza, who were against Rosas.
Manuel Oribe Oribe’s supporters became known as the Nationals or Blancos, while his opponents became the Colorados. These remained the main political factions until a third –the Frente Amplio– emerged in the late 20th century.
Manuel Oribe Manuel Oribe was the son of Captain Francisco Oribe and María Francisca Viana, a descendant of the first governor of Montevideo, José Joaquín de Viana. At the beginning of the revolution of independence in the Rio de la Plata he enlisted in the patriot ranks as a volunteer.