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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for manjar

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Manjar blanco Manjar blanco in Puerto Rico is known as "natilla" (pronounced nah-tee’-ya) and is classified as a cold custard dessert. Natilla is made with cornstarch, vanilla, sugar, eggs, lemon zest, cinnamon, milk, and evaporated milk. It is typically served on Christmas in small cups with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Natilla can be brought all year around in supermarkets and convenience stores as a prepackaged powder that can be prepared by simply heating with milk. A less sweet version made with honey and more milk is enjoyed for breakfast in Puerto Rico, and served topped with fruit and cinnamon.
Manjar blanco Manjar blanco (), also known as manjar de leche or simply manjar, is a term used to refer to a variety of related delicacies in the Spanish-speaking world all milk-based. In Spain the term refers to blancmange, a European delicacy found in various parts of the continent as well as the United Kingdom. In the Americas (South America primarily) it refers to a sweet, white spread or pastry filling made with milk. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with "dulce de leche" or "cajeta" in Latin America but these terms generally refer to delicacies prepared differently from those just described. Related dishes exist by other names in other countries, such as tembleque in Puerto Rico. In Portuguese-speaking countries the dish is known as "manjar branco".
Manjar blanco In Guatemala, El Salvador, and other countries in Central America "manjar de leche" is a pudding or custard made with milk, cornstarch (to thicken), sugar, and often other ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon, and/or other flavorings. This white-colored confection may be eaten by itself or used as a pastry filling. In Costa Rica, the term "natilla" refers to a cultured buttermilk-like product with a butterfat content ranging from 12% ("liviana") to 14%, sold in stores in plastic pouches. It is used as a condiment on such dishes as gallo pinto, baked potatoes, steamed vegetables and the like.
Manjar blanco A local adaptation of this dessert is called "maja blanca", and uses coconut milk instead of milk. It also contains corn kernels, and this variation is known as "maja blanca con maiz"
Manjar blanco Manjar blanco in Spain and in other parts of Europe refers to a dessert ("blancmange" in English), traditionally light brown in color although often colored by added ingredients, made with a mould with a consistency like gelatin (in fact modern varieties are often made with gelatin). In the Middle Ages, the dish was prepared with chicken or fish, rice, sugar, and almond milk or milk and other ingredients
Manjar blanco (the dish was probably influenced by the Arab cuisine of Muslim Spain). Today the primary ingredients in Spain tend to be milk, almonds, corn starch or gelatin, and sugar. The variants in Spain are often somewhat different from those in France or the United Kingdom.
Manjar blanco This term is used in Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina (not to be confused with "natillas" which is a separate but similar dish). It refers to a set of similar dishes traditionally made by slowly and gently cooking pure (normally non-homogenized) milk to thicken and reduce the volume, and gradually adding sugar. In some regions other ingredients such as vanilla bean, citrus juices, cinnamon, and even rice may also be added. Usually a double boiler of some sort is employed so as to prevent browning of the mixture (which would give it a different flavor). The result is a white or cream-colored, thick spread with a consistency much like that of a thick cake frosting although the flavor is more like that of sweetened cream (with accents of whatever additional ingredients may have been added). The cooking process is largely the same as for creating sweetened condensed milk except that the result is normally thicker.
Manjar branco Manjar branco is a pure white Brazilian coconut pudding similar to blancmange. It is identical to the Puerto Rican tembleque. In Brazil manjar branco is made in a ring (Savarin) mold and is served with a sauce made of pitted prunes poached in port wine. Commercial mixes for manjar branco and tembleque are available in Brazil, the U.S., and in other Latin American countries.
Manjar branco "Manjar branco" in Portugal usually refers to blancmange, but there is another dessert that shares the name. The "Manjar branco" of Coimbra is an unusual dessert, made from chicken breast, milk, sugar, rice flour, orange zest and salt.
Manjar branco In order to improve the texture and taste, unsweetened shredded coconut may be added to the mix.