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Mangla Presently the word "Mangla", after that village had been razed to the ground (with construction of Mangla Dam), is used for a wide area which includes Mangla Cantonment, Mangla Colony (Left bank WAPDA Colony) and Mangla Hamlet. The village Mangla itself was named after Mangla Devi, a goddess of Hindu worship. It has been narrated to be the site of the crossing of the Jhelum river by the forces of Alexander the great facing King Porus. At the time of construction of the Mangla Dam, the villages of Thill, Baral and Baruti across the river in Jhelum District were developed as residential colonies and offices for foreign workers and officials.
Mangla After the completion Mangla Dam, most of the Baral Area was taken over by Pak Army and
Mangla The name Mangla (منگلا)is derived from the name of a small village that was situated in District Mirpur within the State of Jammu Kashmir. This village was located to the west of and at the foothills of Mangla's fort {which also derived its name from the same village}. It was surrounded from other three sides by the semicurvature of river Jhelum flowing from North to South. It bordered Jhelum district, the right bank of river Jhelum being a boundary between the State of Jammu Kashmir and Punjab province of Pakistan.
Mangla Prior to construction of Mangla Dam, in March 1962, almost all the inhabitants of the ancient Mangla village moved to Mangla Hamlet, therefore this town represents Mangla in a true sense. Mangla is located 12 km from the city Mirpur at the mouth of the Mangla Dam. The construction of the dam reservoir, which has a perimeter of 400 km, has turned it into a place of interest. Mangla also hosts the Mangla Power Station which is the second largest in Pakistan.
Mangla Mangla is the site of the historic Ramkot Fort. The fort is situated on a high hill overlooking the Jhelum river which divides the Mirpur and Jhelum districts. A part of Mangla fort was razed during the construction of the Mangla Dam, however a large part remains and serves as a public recreation place.
Mangla converted into a Cantonment whereas a small colony within the Cantonment was allotted to
Mangla Dam The Mangla Dam was the first of the two dams constructed to reduce this shortcoming and strengthen the irrigation system of the country as part of the Indus Basin Project, the other being Tarbela Dam on River Indus.
Mangla Dam On December 5, 1971, the dam was damaged due to a bombing raid conducted by the Indian Air Force during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. This was against the international convention that large water reservoirs would not be targeted in war. As a consequence, the hydro project was temporarily out of service.
Mangla Dam Mangla reservoir had an initial reservoir capacity of 5.88 Million Acre-feet (MAF), which reduced to 4.674 MAF in 2005 due to the sedimentation & was likely to reduce further. To counteract this phenomenon, the "Mangla Dam Raising Project" was started in 2004 and the main dam, spillway and its allied works were completed in 2009 at a cost of Rs. 101.384 billion. This project effectively raised the dam height by 30 feet to 482 feet (147 m), thereby raising the maximum water conservation level from 1202 feet to 1242 feet. This increased the dam's storage capacity by an additional 2.88 MAF from 4.51 MAF to 7.39 MAF. Besides, it is expected that after raising the height of the Mangla Dam by 30 feet, the power house will generate 12 percent additional energy per year which will increase its installed capacity from 1,000 MW to 1,120 MW.
Chak Mangla Chak Number 168/171 NB or Chak Mangla is a village in Sargodha District, Punjab, Pakistan. Chak Mangla is a relatively a small village.