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Malaya Sadovaya Street The street, then called New Lane (), was first made in the 1740s. A palace belonging to Ivan Shuvalov was built here, completed in 1756, after which the street was called Shuvalov Lane. All the odd side of the street was owned by Shuvalov. His palace was at the corner of Italian Street, after which there was a small fenced garden. From this the street began to be called Little Garden Street from about 1850.
Malaya Sadovaya Street The street was a favored walking venue for Alexander II. In 1873, the street was renamed to Catherine Street in honor of Catherine the Great. It kept this name until the revolution.
Malaya Sadovaya Street On September 7, 1993, the St. Petersburg City Council declared Radio House a monument of historical, cultural, and architectural significance. A plaque to the courage of the workers of Radio Leningrad during the siege now adorns the building entrance.
Malaya Sadovaya Street At #4 Malaya Sadovaya Street is the Armyaninova House. Here in 1828 lived the poet Ivan Kozlov, a contemporary of Pushkin.
Malaya Sadovaya Street Akimov's Comedy Theater is housed in this building.
Malaya Sadovaya Street In 1875 through 1927 the jurist Anatoly Koni lived in this building. Later the building housed the Public Health Committee of St. Petersburg and the Museum of Hygiene, which is there today.
Malaya Sadovaya Street The studios of Channel 5 are housed there now. The street outside is sometimes used by the station as the site of "man in the street" interviews of passerby.
Malaya Sadovaya Street A restaurant formerly stood at the site. In 1881, revolutionary Narodniks built a tunnel under Malaya Sadovaya Street from the basement of that building, preparing to plant mines to assassinate Czar Alexander II. By March 1 the preparations were complete, but the Czar did not pass that way on that day (and was instead killed by other means).
Malaya Sadovaya Street In 1999 Malaya Sadovaya Street was turned into a pedestrian zone. The street was paved with tiles, the separation between street and sidewalk was removed, benches were added, pipes were laid under the streets carrying heated water to keep the street free of snow and ice, and a fountain featuring a Kugel ball (a heavy stone ball easily rotatable because of lubrication by the fountain's water) was built.
Malaya Sadovaya Street The street's Nevsky Prospect terminus is at Catherine Square, which features the monument to Catherine the Great by the sculptors Mikhail Mikeshin and Matthew Chizhov and the architects Victor Schröter and David Grimm. At the Italian Street terminus is Manege Square, where there is a view of the portico of the great stables designed by Vincenzo Brenna and Karl Rossi.