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cariban    0.844008

arawakan    0.834398

tucanoan    0.825559

tupian    0.821571

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maiduan    0.806004

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for maipurean

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Article Example
Paresi–Waura languages The Pareci–Xingu languages, a.k.a. Paresi–Waura or Central Maipurean, are Maipurean / Arawakan languages of the Bolivian and western Brazilian Amazon.
Achagua people Achagua people speak the Achagua language, a Maipurean Arawakan language.
Arawakan languages [The Arawakan] name is the one normally applied to what is here called Maipurean. Maipurean used to be thought to be a major subgroup of Arawakan, but all the "living" Arawakan languages, at least, seem to need to be subgrouped with languages already found within Maipurean as commonly defined. The sorting out of the labels Maipurean and Arawakan will have to await a more sophisticated classification of the languages in question than is possible at the present state of comparative studies.
Ta-Arawakan languages The Ta-Arawakan languages, a.k.a. Ta-Maipurean and Caribbean, are the indigenous languages of the Caribbean Sea parts of northern South America. They are distinguished by the use of "ta-" rather than common Maipurean / Arawakan "na-" for the pronoun "I".
Yavitero language Yavitero or Paraene is a nearly extinct Maipurean language of Venezuela.
Arawakan languages Classification of Maipurean is difficult because of the large number of Arawakan languages that are extinct and poorly documented. However, apart from transparent relationships that might constitute single languages, several groups of Maipurean languages are generally accepted by scholars. Many classifications agree in dividing Maipurean into northern and southern branches, but perhaps not all languages fit into one or the other. The three classifications below are accepted by all:
Arawakan languages Apart from minor decisions on whether a variety is a language or a dialect, changing names, and not addressing several poorly attested languages, Aikhenvald departs from Kaufman in breaking up the "Southern Outlier" and "Western" branches of Southern Maipurean. She assigns Salumã and Lapachu ('Apolista') to what is left of Southern Outlier ('South Arawak'); breaks up the "Maritime" branch of Northern Maipurean, though keeping Aruán and Palikur together; and is agnostic about the sub-grouping of the "North Amazonian" branch of Northern Maipurean.
Achawa language "Achagua is a language of the Maipurean Arawakan group traditionally spoken by the Achagua people of Venezuela and east-central Colombia."
Upper Amazon Arawakan The Upper Amazon Maipurean languages, a.k.a. North Amazonian or Inland Northern Maipuran, are Arawakan languages of the northern Amazon in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil.
Arawakan languages Aikhenvald classifies Kaufman's unclassified languages apart from Morique. She does not classify 15 extinct languages which Kaufman had placed in various branches of Maipurean.