Top 10 similar words or synonyms for mainte

circoncisione    0.522982

seulement    0.513952

dirai    0.509185

venait    0.506474

marchons    0.495152

pensait    0.493281

connais    0.492463

faisait    0.491375

relativement    0.486947

cobaye    0.486832

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mainte

Article Example
Panhypocrisiade Rôtissent mainte andouille et maints luthériens.
Marine Corps Communication Electronics School The section provides instruction on installation, operation, and maintenance on command and control switching systems that provide classified and unclassified voice communication. During this course the students will be taught basic installation and mainte
Raoul de Soissons In total, seven "chansons" are attributed to Raoul in various "chansonniers". One alone, "E, cuens d’Anjou, on dit par felonie", is uncontested by other attributions, and dedicated to Charles of Anjou. Four, however, are also attributed to Thierri de Soissons, who may be the same person as Raoul. Two more attributions are considered erroneous today. The song "Chançon m'estuet et fere et comencier" served as a model for two anonymous "chansons": "Par mainte fois m'ont mesdisant grevé" and "Chanter m'estuet de cele sans targier". But Raoul's most popular piece was doubtless "Quant voi la glaie meure", which was the model for five other works: