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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for mailorder

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Article Example
Waerloga Records Waerloga Records is a small Swedish record label focused on dark ritualistic fantasy music. Records are available through mailorder and several stores worldwide. The label also have a Mailorder Store selling related releases, rare soundtracks etc.
Eye Spy with My Little Eye Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies available through Subconscious mailorder.
The Walkabouts List of official bootlegs (sold at concerts) and mailorder only releases.
Tom Liwa More solo albums followed since then, 2004's "Dudajim" being the latest of those that have not been published as mailorder only.
Nilaihah Records The label maintains an extensive mailorder catalog of its own releases and the recordings of others. It provides its music in legal digital download sites.
Turbojugend The jackets became so sought-after that Bitzcore Records-run Turbonegro Mailorder started ordering Levi jackets from the factory with "Turbojugend Oslo" already embroidered on them. These jackets were available for a couple of years but do not hold the same status as the originals, which were locally created in very limited numbers. Eventually, Turbonegro Mailorder made it possible to buy jackets with the names of other chapter cities on them; this is how Turbojugend Worldwide was started.
High and Mighty (clothing) High and Mighty is a clothing retail chain for tall and/or wide men in the United Kingdom. After having been family-owned for more than fifty years, it was sold to mailorder group N Brown in September 2009.
Microwriter It was first sold in the UK in most mailorder shops in computing magazines such as YOUR COMPUTER from Spring/Summer 1983 and cost around £400-£500 (equivalent to around £1500 in 2014).
Lone Pigeon The 'Honda Hedge' album, which was available only by mailorder, contains early versions of several of the songs later to appear on The Aliens' 'Astronomy for Dogs' (see below), including "Robotman", "Tomorrow", "Only Waiting" and "Honest Again".
Mina Caputo On May 1, 2006, Caputo released her third solo album "Hearts Blood on Your Dawn" which was only sold at her live shows, via mailorder through her website, and in the iTunes Store.