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wintuan    0.882156

yokutsan    0.879536

shastan    0.864378

chimakuan    0.853198

sahaptian    0.844107

salishan    0.842608

yuman    0.837088

chumashan    0.835459

wakashan    0.835308

sahaptin    0.834444

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for maiduan

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Maiduan languages The languages have similar phonologies (i.e. sound systems) but differ significantly in terms of grammar. They are not mutually intelligible, even though many works often refer to all of the speakers of these languages as "Maidu". The Chico dialects are little known due to scanty documentation, so their precise genetic relationship to the other languages probably cannot be determined (Mithun 1999).
Maiduan languages Maiduan (also Maidun, Pujunan) is a small endangered language family of northeastern California.
Maiduan languages Chico is now extinct. The other languages are extremely endangered and nearing extinction: Northeastern Maidu has 1 or 2 speakers, Konkow has 1–2 speakers, Nisenan has only 1 speaker (Hinton 1994, reported in Gordon 2005).
Maiduan languages Maiduan is often considered in various Penutian phylum proposals. It was one of the original members of California Penutian (the Penutian "core").
Patwin The Patwin were bordered by the Yuki in the northwest; the Nomlaki (Wintun) in the north; the Konkow (Maiduan) in northeast; the Nisenan (Maiduan) and Plains Miwok in the east; the Bay Miwok to the South; the Coast Miwok in the southwest; and the Wappo, Lake Miwok, and Pomo in the west.
Maidu language The Maiduan language family is considered to belong to the Penutian language group, along with such families as Miwok, Wintun, Yokuts, and Ohlone.
Chico language Chico (also Valley Maidu) is an extinct Maiduan language formerly spoken by Maidu peoples who lived in Northern California, between Sacramento and the Sierra foothills.
Wintu language Wintun is a branch of the hypothetical Penutian language phylum or stock of languages of western North America, more closely related to four other families of Penutian languages spoken in California: Maiduan, Miwokan, Yokuts, and Costanoan.
Penutian languages The name "Penutian" is based on the words meaning "two" in the Wintuan, Maiduan, and Yokutsan languages (which is pronounced something like ) and the Utian languages (which is pronounced something like ).
Maidu The Maidu are a tribal people of northern California. They reside in the central Sierra Nevada, in the drainage area of the Feather and American Rivers. They also reside in Humbug Valley. In Maiduan languages, "Maidu" means "man".