Top 10 similar words or synonyms for maharion

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for maharion

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Erreth-Akbe Erreth-Akbe lived many centuries before the primary events that take place in the Earthsea novels. Erreth-Akbe was a famous hero and a great sorcerer, as well as counselor and good friend to King Maharion. Erreth-Akbe was a ‘dragonlord’, i.e. esteemed well enough by some dragons that they were willing to speak with him.
Earthsea (universe) The two 1964 stories are not entirely consistent with the others and they have no certain place in Earthsea chronology. "The Word of Unbinding" may be set any time before "The Other Wind", but the differences in magical terminology, the presence of the otherwise unknown "trolls" (whom Le Guin notes "became extinct in Earthsea at some point") and the character of the evil wizard Voll the Fell suggest that it might be appropriately placed either before the time of Morred, or later, in the Dark Times after the death of Maharion and before the founding of the school on Roke: in either case before "The Finder".