Top 10 similar words or synonyms for maelwaedd

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for maelwaedd

Article Example
Characters in the Deverry cycle The half-human, half-elven son of Aderyn and Dallandra, Loddalaen has a natural talent for dweomer, and was instructed in it by his father. However, he lacks necessary discipline and is driven mad. Manipulated by dark dweomermasters who wish Rhodry Maelwaedd dead, he foments rebellion in the province of Eldidd.
Characters in the Deverry cycle The widow of the previous Gwerbret of Aberwyn, Tingyr Maelwaedd. She has four children, of which Rhodry is the only one still alive. Although Deverrian noblewomen do not usually hold titles or lands, Lovyan rules a large demesne in her own right.
Daggerspell For seven years, Nevyn has been searching for Jill, with nothing more than luck and intuition to guide him. He finds a clue when he meets the ten-year-old lord Rhodry Maelwaedd, and sees that the boy's destiny is linked with his and Jill's.
Characters in the Deverry cycle Publicly believed to be the youngest son of Tingyr Maelwaedd, his father is in fact Devaberiel Silverhand, an elven bard—though only a handful of people know his true parentage. After Loddlaen's dweomer war, he is sent into political exile by his half-brother Rhys. During his wanderings, Rhodry is captured and sold as a slave in the Bardekian islands. When Rhys is mortally wounded, Rhodry is recalled from exile to take his brother's place as the Gwerbret of Aberwyn. When his true lineage is in danger of being discovered, Rhodry fakes his own death, and begins living among the Westfolk. Near the end of "The Fire Dragon", Rhodry undergoes a physical transformation as Evandar strives to save his life from Raena's stabbing.
Daggerspell When Jill turns thirteen, Cullyn, who has been teaching his daughter swordcraft, and buys Jill a silver dagger like his own for a birthday present. Otho, the smith who made the dagger, notices that Jill can see spirits called Wildfolk, and tells her a riddle. "If you ever find no one ("nev yn"), ask him what craft to take." Some time later, Otho tells Nevyn about Jill. Unable to find her, Nevyn returns to his home province of Eldidd, where he saves the life of Rhodry Maelwaedd, earning the gratitude of his mother Lovyan, the local feudal lord. Nevyn receives a prophecy about the boy – Rhodry's destiny is somehow bound to that of the entire province.