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Australian megafauna There are similarities between prehistoric Australian megafauna and some mythical creatures from the Aboriginal dreamtime (Mackness 2009).
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada candidates, 1997 Canadian federal election Mackness is a trustee of the economically conservative Fraser Institute. In 1991, he delivered an address before the institute entitled, "Big government and the constitutional crisis", encouraging both spending cuts and a devolution of power to the provinces.
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada candidates, 1997 Canadian federal election He received 6,547 votes (17.26%) in 1997, finishing third against Liberal incumbent Reg Alcock. In 1999, Mackness was the author of another Fraser Institute document calling for spending cuts and tax cuts.
Progressive Conservative Party of Canada candidates, 1997 Canadian federal election Mackness was a supporter of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement in 1987 ("Globe and Mail", 5 October 1987), and endorsed the proposed Multilateral Agreement on Investment ten years later ("Winnipeg Free Press", 5 January 1998).
Earthwatch (TV series) "Earthwatch" targeted school-aged children and was presented by young people who interviewed world-renowned environmentalists such as Sir David Attenborough and Australian Densey Clyne. One of the regular contributors was author and composer Brian Mackness.
Thylacinus macknessi Thylacinus macknessi lived during the early Miocene and is the oldest known member of the genus "Thylacinus". It is named after Brian Mackness, a supporter of Australian vertebrate paleontology.
Bryan Fairfax, 8th Lord Fairfax of Cameron In 1757, he was given Towlston Grange with , in his father's will. As a large landowner, Fairfax was active leasing out his property to smaller farmers, such as Perrygreen Mackness
Hulitherium Murray (1992) concluded that "Hulitherium" is most closely related to the New Guinean "Maokopia", and that these two together are most closely related to "Kolopsis rotundus" also from new Guinea. Black and Mackness(1999) suggested that the "Hulitherium" clade is more closely related to the clade comprising "Zygomaturus" plus another undescribed genus from Australia, than it is to "Kolopsis".
Dianne Haskett Key members of Haskett's campaign team were campaign manager Ryan Sparrow (previously the communications director for Environment Minister Rona Ambrose), former law firm partner Michael Menear, former member of London city council Ted Wernham, London businessperson Randy Collins, and Dale Mackness.
George Moore (physician) In March 1835, he obtained the Fothergillian gold medal for his essay on puerperal fever, which was favourably reviewed in the "British and Foreign Medical Review" (ii. 481). In 1838, his health broke down, and he moved to Hastings, where he remained for ten years. During part of this time he was physician to the Hastings Dispensary, with his friend Dr. James Mackness as a colleague.