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scafatese    0.899811

sestrese    0.889094

fermana    0.880652

rivarolese    0.880204

castellarano    0.878845

vibonese    0.876076

montevarchi    0.875827

sanremese    0.875595

bagnolese    0.872357

derthona    0.872311

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Article Example
S.S. Maceratese In the season 2011–12 the club was promoted to Serie D after have won Eccellenza Marche.
S.S. Maceratese The club promoted to Lega Pro in 2015. However, during 2015–16 season "Commissione di Vigilanza sulle Società di Calcio" (Co.Vi.So.C.) found the club had a capital shortfall of €245,667 and other financial overdue. Initially could not renew the license to the professional league, the club won the appeal on 19 July 2016.
S.S. Maceratese Società Sportiva Maceratese S.r.l. (formerly Associazione Calcio Maceratese S.r.l. and Fulgor Maceratese S.r.l.) is an Italian football club located in Macerata in the Marche region.
S.S. Maceratese The club was founded in 1922 as U.C. Maceratese after the merger of the four main teams in the city: Helvia Recina, Macerata, Robur Macerata and Virtus Macerata.
S.S. Maceratese In the summer 2010 it has changed its name with the current denomination.
S.S. Maceratese In the summer 2001 it has changed its name to A.C. Maceratese.
S.S. Maceratese Thanks to Article 52 of N.O.I.F., in the summer 2009 the club was refounded as Fulgor Maceratese S.r.l. in Eccellenza Marche.
Nikola Olivieri In November 2011 Olivieri left for Maceratese of Eccellenza Marche.
Riccardo Fissore On 2 September 2015 Fissore was signed by Maceratese.
Isernia F.C. Conversely the ultras have friendly relationships with Manfredonia, Terracina, Maceratese and Gipsy Gang ( Rapid Bumbai) ].