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bonnet_macaque    0.877107

macaca_nemestrina    0.868104

capped_langur    0.855862

nilgiri_langur    0.849631

rhesus_macaque_macaca_mulatta    0.847147

macaca_sinica    0.846846

clouded_leopard_neofelis_nebulosa    0.844870

macaca_silenus    0.844273

tiger_panthera_tigris    0.843265

vignei    0.843206

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Plasmodium fieldi "P. fieldi" infects the kra monkey ("Macaca irus" or "Macaca fascicularis" ), the rhesus monkey ("Macaca mulatta"), the pig-tailed macaque ("Macaca nemestrina"), the bonnet macaque ("Macaca radiata") and the baboon ("Papio doguera").
Anindya Sinha He is on the executive board of Nature Conservation Foundation, India. His research is mostly centered on the field of cognition and consciousness of bonnet macaque ("Macaca radiata") but he also has been involved in many genetics projects on Indian primates. He is also involved with Biology Olympiad as the leader of the Indian team.
Ixodes petauristae Ixodes petauristae is a hard-bodied tick of the genus "Ixodes". It is found in India and Sri Lanka. Adults parasitize various smaller mammals such as "Ratufa indica", "Funambulus tristriatus", "Macaca radiata", "Petaurista" sp. and mice. It is a potential vector of Kyasanur Forest disease virus,
Eglumegad Eglumegad also interferes in the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis, with chronic oral administration of this drug leading to markedly reduced baseline cortisol levels in bonnet macaques (Macaca radiata); acute infusion of eglumedgad resulted in a marked diminution of yohimbine-induced stress response in those animals.
Bonnet macaque The bonnet macaque ("Macaca radiata") is a macaque endemic to southern India. Its distribution is limited by the Indian Ocean on three sides and the Godavari and Tapti Rivers along with a related competing species of rhesus macaque in the north. Land use changes in the last few decades have resulted in changes in its distribution boundaries with the rhesus macaque, raising concern for its status in the wild.