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rhesus_monkey    0.882225

pan_troglodytes    0.854689

xm_    0.842941

pongo_abelii    0.841050

rhesus_macaque    0.838853

papio_anubis    0.837912

xm__xp_    0.830606

danio_rerio    0.821465

mus_musculus    0.816252

xp__aa    0.815053

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Brodmann area 23 Another suggestion is for macaque (Macaca mulatta)
Macaca (term) Journalist Taki Theodoracopulos referred to Bianca Jagger, who is of Nicaraguan origin, as "macaca mulatta" in 1996. Theodoracopulos has frequently used racial slurs in his published work. In fact "Macaca mulatta" is the scientific name for the rhesus monkey.
Batroxobin There have been studies on a variety of animals. These animals include rats, mice, "Macaca mulatta" and rabbits.
Gertrude Van Wagenen Her monographs included "Embryology of the Ovary and Testis in "Homo sapiens" and "Macaca mulatta (Yale University Press 1965), and "Postnatal Development of the Ovary in "Homo sapiens" and "Macaca mulatta and "Induction of Ovulation in the Macaque" (Yale University Press 1973, co-authored with Miriam E. Simpson).
Batroxobin The long-term effects of batroxobin are tested on rats and "Macaca mulatta". The subjects received an injection of batroxobin once a day for 30 consecutive days. In rats the batroxobin had pharmacological and toxicological effects on the hematology system and liver. There was a decrease of fibrinogen. The effects were reversible. In "Macaca mulatta", the fibrinogen concentration was significantly decreased and the decrease was dose-dependent. There was a local inflammatory reaction in the injection sites of the animals. After 15 days there were antibodies to batroxobin detected. The conclusion was that batroxobin has pharmacological and toxicological effects on the hematology system of "Macaca mulatta" and the effects are reversible.